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Welcome to LegalLee Blonde! 

A source for fashion inspiration for young professionals.  LLB seeks to provide fashion inspiration for women as they work to achieve their career goals.

If you want work appropriate fashion, this is the blog for you. With three posts weekly, LegalLee Blonde provides outfit ideas, style tips, and "best of" guides.

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About Lee:

My name is Lee and I'm a lawyer in Vancouver, Canada.  My first career goal was to be a ninja turtle. The pink one. With a glittered shell. Luckily for me, my 7th grade teacher told me I should become a lawyer. *Full disclosure: this may or may not have been after I convinced him to get rid of my atrocious mark in gym class*

I think one of the best parts of being a woman in 2017 is the ability to be more than just one thing; to pursue more than just one passion. I work as a lawyer and also get to work in fashion.  I hate - really, really hate - the misconception that being a professional means giving up your creative side. That you don't get to care about clothes, because you are only your profession.

You can be a professional and still love fashion.

I am addicted to tea lattes, the ocean, and exploring new cities & cultures. I love to motivate, inspire and help others. Follow me on instagram for stories that will inspire you; or at least make you laugh at my daily misfortunes. (I once broke my office microwave door when I sneezed while holding it. True story).

Questions? Want me to know more?
Email me at: legalleeblondeblog@gmail.com

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