Work Wear | Ruffle Sleeves & Chanel

Happy Wednesday! The ruffle sleeves on this shirt are seriously a mid-week pick me up. I can't help but smile whenever I wear this shirt - not only because the ruffled sleeves are so fun, but also because it is so soft and comfortable! I wanted to share this outfit today because I think it is a great mid-week outfit when you are just wanting to be comfortable but still look polished. 

I paired the tiered ruffle sleeve shirt with my favorite skinny dress pants and a pair of comfortable suede ankle boots. I love the cut out detailing on this boots and the grey shade, so I have to wear them as much as possible before the Vancouver rainy season starts! (Vancouver weather and suede footwear do not mix).

The real standout of this fall wear to work outfit though is, of course, this gorgeous Chanel bag. I love the classic timeless feel of a quilted white Chanel. It's a great summer bag (of course) but I love styling it with all black in the winter, really letting the focus be the bag itself. 

This particular Chanel bag is from Modaselle - a consignment luxury handbag store in Vancouver. If you are local - go check it out! If you are not a Vancouverite, you can still get your hands through consignment (let's be real, the full price is insane!) through The Real Real. I have included it in the link below. The bag is selling for just under 50% of it's retail value, and it looks barely used!

Designer handbags are definitely a weakness of mine - but I hate paying full price and am always scouring stores like Modaselle and The Real Real for great deals. Do you have any other great places to get designer bags for a deal? Let me know in the comments below if you do. I'd also love to hear what your dream designer bags are! Mine are the Prada saffiano large leather tote and the Celine luggage tote.)

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Shopping | On Trend Pants

I have been wanting to update my work wardrobe with more on-trend items this fall. You all know that I am a huge proponent for classic wear to work pieces (check out my work wear staples if you haven't already) but I do like adding trendy seasonal pieces from time to time.

Post-New York Fashion Week I have been leaning towards more unique pants; as they were everywhere in both the runway shows and in the street style looks I spotted and loved. So, today I wanted to bring you a round up of my favorite "on-trend" pants.

The 5 categories that are trending right now that I love are; culottes, wide-leg pants, stripes, embellishments & front-slit pants. I have linked up a bunch of my favorites (at a number of different price points) below. I'd love to hear what your favorite trend is and which trends you'll be trying out this fall/winter.

1) Culottes:

2) Wide Leg Trousers:

 3) Stripes:

4. Embellishments:

5. Front Slit Pants:

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Weekend Wear | How to Style a Blanket Scarf

I have re-created this outfit every fall for the past 2 years - it never goes out of style! By now you are likely (well) aware of how to tie / style a blanket scarf. When blanket scarves became popular two years ago it seems that fashionistas everywhere had tutorials on how to tie them. While I am still a huge fan of the 'traditional' way of wearing them (I wear this plaid one all the time with a long sleeve striped shirt), styling a blanket scarf over a dress like I have done here is a more creative way to wear a blanket scarf.

To get this look I simply unfold the blanket scarf to it's full size, wrap it around my shoulders, and then tie a belt around the whole thing (so that you still have some shape!) Pair it with boots and you've got a fall ready look that is cozy, comfortable and right-on trend. I have a soft spot for dresses, so wearing a blanket scarf with a dress is an easy way to transition my dresses into the cooler fall weather.

This plaid blanket scarf is definitely my most frequently worn scarf, but I have a number of others that I will also style this way. My second favorite is probably my green and navy plaid over a black long sleeve dress. In case you want some more ways to recreate this look, below I've included two widgets: one for my favorite blanket scarves, and one for comfortable long sleeve dresses that would be great to wear with blanket scarves. Happy shopping!

Ps. It is finally fall here in Vancouver! I got my first pumpkin spice latte over the weekend (so good), I baked an apple pie, and I went to a pumpkin patch! It was the perfect fall weekend and now I am ready to hit the ground running for the work week ahead. I hope you all had a great weekend as well! (Oh, and if you have any great pumpkin recipes, PLEASE share them with me since I now have so much pumpkin I need to use!!)

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#GirlBoss | Interview with Tania (Jewelry Boutique Owner)

I'm excited to share today the second post in what I am calling my "Girl Boss Interview Series". If you missed the first post interviewing photographer Ally Matos, go check it out! With this series every few weeks I'll be interviewing a different successful young woman and asking her the same series of questions and sharing her answers below. I hope this will inspire you!  
Today's interview is with Tania- the owner of online boutique Olive & Piper. (Reminder: you can get 20% off all O&P jewelry with the code LegalLee) Below is her #GirlBoss Interview.

Q: What do you do for a living?
I make people fashionable and sparkly! I have an online jewelry boutique called Olive & Piper.

Q: How did you get into it – tell me about your path?  

A: Surprisingly, I went to school in cell biology and genetics. After graduation I had a hard time finding a job in that industry, and really I had no idea what I wanted to do for a living. I ended up getting a job as a receptionist at an internet marketing company and it was actually interesting because it was the sort of start of the social media boom. It was when twitter was just becoming a thing and I really was able to learn about e-commerce through being at that company. After that, I took future jobs in e-commerce and realized I wanted to build something from scratch. I’ve always loved accessories (I used to work at Aldo Accessories) so I thought I would start a jewelry website. I love fashion & accessories, but it was definitely the business side of the whole thing that drove me.

Q: What motivates you / inspires you / makes you keep doing what you do?
A: I think being able to achieve a goal. When you start a business you’re thinking ‘Ok, what can I do with this?’ Being able to layout steps and reach goals is very fulfilling for me. Also, being able to see people wearing the jewelry! I didn’t design the jewelry at the beginning but a few years ago I started designing some of the pieces and so now there ‘s this awesome experience when I see someone wearing one of my pieces of jewelry. It’s just so cool!

Q: What is the biggest struggle with what you do?
A: I think that would be keeping myself motivated all the time. There have been so been many times where I question ‘Am I going to do this forever? Can I do it?!’ I think there’s a bit of instability, especially for people that work by themselves like I do. You don’t have others around to bounce ideas off the same way you would in a traditional office. I think that, and figuring out what to do are the biggest challenges.

Q: What does being a GirlBoss mean to you?
A: Being able to do what you want to do. It doesn’t have to be owning your own business, it can be working any job – as long as you’re t pursuing your goals and being able to do what you want. A big part is also discovering yourself; getting to know yourself and growing as a person.

On to some fashion questions!
Q: What is your favorite fashion trend right now?
A: Statement Earrings (…and the hat I'm wearing!)
Follow up question then; where did you get the hat!? Every holiday season I go down to the fashion markets in LA and shop around for gifts and add-ons for the Olive & Piper site. I came across this hat and just had to have it. We recently did an O&P blog post on 10 things you have to have for fall and this hat was one of them!

Q: Any thoughts on fashion and your career?
A: I feel like I’m in a time where I’m lucky to be able to do this. I think back to even 15 years ago if you wanted to start your own thing, any online boutique or blogging, it wasn’t really a career. I love now that there is this opportunity if you’re interested in fashion that you can get into it through creating a store or a blog.

Q: What is the one item you own that makes you feel most empowered?
A: Right now I would say it’s this jacket I bought from Zara – its one of those ‘marching band’ looking jackets. I just love it. Oh, and any pair of pumps!!

Last Thing: I couldn't resist sharing with you all my current favorite pieces from Olive & Piper. Check em out: 

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Shopping | 10 Best Work Day Handbags

One of the most important items in your wear to work wardrobe is your handbag. Let's be honest, we all throw way too much stuff in our handbags and require them to do so much! Today I wanted to share with you my top 10 bag picks for taking to you to and from the office. I've rounded up 10 choices at different price points and will talk about why each makes a great work day bag below! Don't forget you can easily shop any of the handbag picks by scrolling through the widget at the bottom of the post as well. 

When it comes to a good work day bag my number one criteria is durability. All of the bags below can stand the test of time! My second main criteria is functionality. What I mean by that, is does the bag actually hold what I need it to, in an organized way. You'll notice that almost every one of my top 10 picks has a zipper component (or a complete zip top). This is for that exact reason! It has never made sense to me why a big work day handbag would have an open top. It makes it way too easily to loose important things you may be carrying!

Alright, enough of me talking - let's get to the round up!
10 Great Work Day Handbags:

1. Ted Baker Larah Shopper Bag: The gold bow detail on this black leather handbag adds a trendy element to a classic, timeless bag. This leather bag is well made and lasts without starting to look worn. Also, it is a zip top making it perfect if you need to bring work files or documents to and from the office.

2. Rebecca Minkoff Midnighter Leather Work Tote: This bag is great if you want a work day handbag that breaks from the ordinary, but still looks work appropriate. The almond leather is gorgeous in person - a perfect cognac/almond shade and a supple smooth material. The gold studs had a western feel. This bag, again, has a full zip top - such a win!! This is also one of the smallest bags on my list, so if you are looking for a bag that can hold all your essentials, but is more of a shoulder bag size - this one is for you! 

3. Rebecca Minkoff Always On Regan Tote: This "it bag" is actually a perfect work day bag - which can't be said about most on-trend bags! This tote has the signature trailing tassels and is a chic dove grey color. It's perfect for work because of it's got a laptop sleeve, interior pockets for your phone and keys, as well as a small outside pocket for anything you may need to access to quickly (...starbucks card for morning coffee anyone?! No? just me?? haha) This bag also comes in at under $300 which is a great deal for an it bag!

4. Kate Spade Daniels Drive Tote: I *love* this bag. This bag comes in 4 colors -and honestly every single one would be great for a day at the office. Black cherry would be especially on-trend this season, while still being work appropriate. This bag has a snap top, with a ton of interior space and a pocket. The knotted detailing on the bag adds a fashion forward element. I also love the pebbled leather as a change! 

5. Michael Kors Mercer Tote: This is the most expensive bag on this list (it is part of the Michael Michael Kors collection and comes in at just under $400). It is though, in my opinion, well worth it for the quality of the craftsmanship and the durability of this bag. The structured shape of this bag is ideal for work. I always recommend structured over slouchy bags when pulling together a wear-to-work outfit. 

6. Tory Burch York Buckle Tote: This bag comes in a ton of colors - there is definitely a York tote for everyone. My favorites for a work day bag would be the black, navy, french grey or luggage. The luggage is actually a very light/warm tan shade in person and I have found it looks great with nearly every work outfit I come up with! This bag is probably my #1 pick on this list, especially for lawyers like myself!! This is one of the only handbags I have found that actually fits legal size (11x14) paper/folders! If you are a lawyer, legal assistant, paralegal, etc., you absolutely need this bag!! 

7. ASOS Rose Gold Zipper Bag: At under $50 adding this bag to your work day handbag collection is a no brainer! I love the structured shape and the rose gold hardware really makes this bag pop. I like that it has a detachable strap so you can carry it or wear it over your shoulder if that's easier for you when running out the door to the office! 

8. Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Bag: Along with the Tory Burch tote, this is my other go-to bag. I would say I use either my Tory Burch or this Michael Kors Jet Set 9 days out of 10. In fact, I just shared a pic of this MK handbag on my instagram on the weekend! This zip-top bag holds so much - I routinely through in my laptop, a book to read, files for work, my wallet, and my makeup bag! I cannot recommend this bag enough! 

9. Tory Burch Parker Tote:
This new Tory Burch bag looks absolutely amazing! I can't wait to get my hands on one and try it out. It appears to have so many of the things that I love about the York tote (including strong handles and beautiful color choices). It also though has a new design that I just love! The shape is so beautiful!

10. H&M Handbag: Last but not least I had to share this H&M basic. At under $40 this bag is the cheapest on this list, and is great if you're looking to add a new black bag to your collection without your bank account taking a hit! H&M has had variations of this exact bag every season for the past three years. It is timeless and looks great with a business casual office outfit. Unlike the other bags on this list it does not have the durability factor (mine from last year lasted about 6 months) but for the price tag that is A-Ok by me! This bag is so great because of the double zip-compartments. Such a great way to stay organized!

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Work Wear | Cold Shoulder Top

Words cannot express how much I love this white ruffle blouse. I got this blouse just before New York Fashion Week and have worn it pretty much once a week since! It's the perfect compliment to a pair of jeans for an easy weekend look, but it can also be styled for a day at the office, like I did here.

I have received a couple of reader questions lately about whether the cold shoulder and off-the-shoulder trends that are so popular this fall are work appropriate. Sadly I'm not sure off the shoulder can be made 'work ready', but I do think cold shoulder can be - and this outfit is the perfect example!

If you want to wear a cold shoulder top to the office or any business casual setting, make sure the rest of your outfit is classic. Think, black dress pants (or a pencil skirt), a structured handbag, and pumps. You can also always have a black cardigan or blazer on hand in case you have a last minute meeting or other event pop up during your day that requires a bit more business-formality.

I am *obsessed* with the black suede Gucci belt I am wearing in this outfit. It actually belongs to a blogger friend of mine, Keyma, who 'borrowed' it from her boyfriend. This exact style is sold out, but I've included a similar one below. Let's be real, pretty much every Gucci belt is utter perfection, and any one would like great worn with this or any other wear-to-work outfit. I have been debating getting one for months and months and I think nearer to the holiday season I will splurge and get myself one as a Christmas present to myself (...I'm not the only one that does that, right?!)

To finish off this outfit I went with a black Celine tote (classic) and my rose gold pumps. I wanted to add just a bit of color to this look and shoes are always my go to way to do that with a work appropriate outfit. I have worn this rose gold heels over and over for the past two years; I highly recommend them as they go with so many outfits!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians!!! I hope everyone has an amazing day filled with friends, family and delicious food. If you need me, I'll be buried under a mountain of blankets with my apple cider. See you back here on Wednesday!

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Shopping | Weekend Sales!

Happy (almost) long weekend everyone!! To my fellow Canadians; happy Thanksgiving! With the long weekend to look forward to, I wanted to share some of the best online sales & deals of the weekend so that you can get some shopping in during your long weekend break! (...Preferably while cozied up with a hot apple cider or pumpkin spice coffee). 

Below I've listed the best sales happening this long weekend, followed by my personal top picks from each sale. What I love about the sales this weekend is that there are so many items on sale that are new on-trend fall pieces! From gorgeous mules (I'm looking at you Banana Republic), to velvet dresses, to plaid shirts, you can get your wardrobe fall-ready for less this weekend!

I am heading up to Northern BC for the long weekend to spend Thanksgiving with my sister, brother in law, niece and nephew. I cannot wait to see them! My niece actually turns 10 next week, so I'll be able to be there for an early celebration. I remember turning 10 so vividly - anyone else remember the whole "double digits" thing being such a huge deal?!

Anyway, I will be spending the weekend pretty much entirely offline (...mostly because they live in the woods and their reception/internet speed is terrible haha). I plan on catching up on some reading, snuggling with my munchkins (of course), and drinking way too much coffee.I will be posting again on Monday despite the holiday, so be sure to come back to the blog to check out the post.

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The Best Sales (October 6-10):

Asos - Up to 50% off sale items
Banana Republic - 40% off your entire purchase!!
H&M - Up to 60% off (only today and tomorrow!)
Rebecca Taylor - 25% off with code 25FAMILY
Macy's - 20% off with code STYLE
Nordstrom Rack - 25% off clearance

My Top Picks:


Banana Republic:




Rebecca Taylor:

Nordstrom Rack:

Shopping | 8 Must Have Ankle Boots for Fall

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope your week is off to a great start! Last week I shared the best knee high/over-the-knee boots for fall, and today I wanted to share the best new ankle boots of the season. Fall fashion is absolutely my favorite fashion and ankle boots are a staple in my wardrobe. They are so easy to style and can be worn into spring so you really get your money's worth!

I've rounded up my top 8 favorite ankle boots (you can shop them in the widget below) so without any further ado let's get to talking about why each pair of ankle boots is a must-have this fall!

1. Button Embellished Suede Boots: How stunning are these boots!! The military-inspired trend is everywhere this season (did you see the pieces I shared from the Banana Republic presentation at New York Fashion Week?) and I love that the trend is being incorporated into these suede ankle boots!

2. Split Shaft Suede Bootie: I bought these ankle boots during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, and wore them at least three times last week (when the weather finally cooled down in Vancouver). They are comfortable and I love the split-shaft shape. I have the grey suede, but the tan would also be great for fall! 

3. Pearl Embellished Booties: Embellishment is probably the biggest trend in fall footwear (you'll see other embellished details in the other boots below!) and these black ankle boots make such a statement with the pearl-embellishment on the heels! These are on the top of my wishlist!

4. Floral Velvet Booties: These wine colored booties are so on trend and I cannot get enough of them! They combine so many fall trends - the wine color, the velvet material and the painted floral design. I definitely want to get my hands on these! 

5. ASOS Suede Studded Booties: How chic are these moto boots?! I often shy away from rocker chic and edgy fashion because I struggle with how to style the pieces, but these are a great way to add a bit of an edge to any outfit. With jeans, a basic white tee and a jacket you've got an easy stylish outfit! 

6. Teal Velvet Ankle Boots: As mentioned above velvet is a huge trend this season, and these teal ones are just gorgeous! The higher ankle height is a nice change and the teal color would be a nice pop of color in a fall outfit. 

7. Embroidered Ankle Boots: The bright colors in this embroidery are so eye-catching! I just ordered these boots and can't wait to get them! I already know and outfit I want to wear with them - a black cotton babydoll minidress and a black leather jacket. Perfect for a night out! Also, these boots are such a great deal at under $70! They only have a few sizes left though, so order them asap if you want a pair! 

8. Velvet Sequin/Embroidered Ankle Boots: Okay, I had to share one more pair of velvet ankle boots. These are just to good to pass up! They colors are more subdued than the above pair, and perfect to wear with fall dresses and cardigans. I love the addition of some small sequins to these boots! 

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Weekend Wear | Leather Jacket & Favorite Lace Top

Happy Tuesday guys! I have been wanting to share this casual fall look with you for a while. I bought the jacket and lace top during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and have been wearing them together on repeat ever since! I love the combination of leather and lace; and the details on this jacket and this top just make the outfit one I can't stop wearing!

My favorite part about the jacket, and what sold me on it during my hunt for a faux leather jacket, is the gold detailing. The exposed zippers on the sleeves and the gold buttons just pop. I was also really impressed with the quality of this jacket - the stitching is really well done and the material feels great.

For a casual fall look I paired the jacket and top with some comfortable jeans and over the knee boots. I mentioned these OTK boots in my roundup of must-have fall boots and I swear by them! They are comfortable and i love the looser OTK fit.

Last thing I have to talk to you guys about is this ah-mazing lipstick. You've probably seen in on my instastories about a million times over the past few weeks. I borrowed this shade from a friend during NYFW and ran to sephora to buy myself one as soon as I got back to Canada. The shade is so pretty and it lasts really well throughout the day. I cannot recommend it enough!

I hope you're work week is off to a great start! Be sure to come back tomorrow for another blog post!

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Work Wear | Bell Sleeves & a Fall Sweater

Recognize this bell sleeve shirt from last week's fall work outfit? I genuinely cannot get enough of this shirt, and as the weather turns cooler (we had a seriously rainy/cold weekend in Vancouver!) I thought I would show you another way to style this shirt for the office. 

The nice thing about button down shirts, in general, is that they are excellent for fall/winter layering for the office. This bell sleeve shirt has the added bonus that you can layer it under a sweater and roll the sweater sleeves up to keep the detailing of the folded bell sleeves at the forefront of your work day outfit. 

Green is probably the color I wear to the office the most; especially in the fall. When I came across this jade green sweater from Banana Republic I knew I had to purchase it. The color is a perfect shade for blondes!

As you can probably tell from these photos-  I had these pictures taken when I was in NYC for fashion week. I definitely felt the 'busy NY professional' vibe when walking around New York in this outfit. I actually got stopped and asked for directions while wearing it which, clearly, made me way to happy and led me to believe that I looked like a local New Yorker running off to the office!

As far as the rest of my outfit; I loved these skinny pants from Boden (how fun is the seam detailing down the front?) BUT I have to tell you - I wore them maybe six or seven times and I have now noticed that already the seam is ripping and is basically non-existent on my knees. So, while I love the look of these pants, they definitely do not hold up well.

My shoes and handbag, on the other hand, are just the greatest items ever. Ever, ever. haha. My Celine bag from Trendlee is so iconic and my heels are hands down the most comfortable work heels I own (read my guide to comfortable heels for more if you haven't checked it out yet!)

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