Shopping | 8 Best Over the Knee & Knee High Boots for Fall


I am so excited about this fall weather we have been having here in Vancouver and couldn't wait to share my top picks for over-the-knee and knee high boots for fall. There are a ton of great trends this year (and some great staples from last year!) Read on for my top 8 boots and why they made my favorites list! And, as always, shop them all in the widget below! 

1. Cognac Riding Boots: A pair of cognac riding boots is a staple for every woman's fall wardrobe. They are the easiest boot to style with fall outfits; from jeans and tunics, to leggings and cozy sweaters. Riding boots never fail. These INC International Concepts ones are a great pick for the price and quality!

2. Tory Burch Suede OTK Boots with Bows: Tory Burch is known for making some of the most-loved fall boots year after year. This year is no exception! These suede over the knee boots are right on trend (suede OTK boots are big again this fall) and the bow detailing on the back is an added touch to bring them into this season. 

3. Steve Madden "Gorgeous" OTK Boots: These boots were so popular last year, and I am thrilled to see that they are back this fall. These are lookalikes for the blogger-favorited Stuart Weitzman OTK boots; but these are 1/5th of the price! I have them in the grey suede and will definitely be wearing them again this fall.

4. Tory Burch Over The Knee Boots: I had to include one more pair of Tory Burch boots on this list; they are so beautiful. These leather OTK boots have an elastic back making them super comfortable. I also really like that the logo is a bit understated on this pair. 

5. Wedge OTK Boots: These boots are so affordable (under $60!) and right on trend for fall. The 'sneaker style' wedge shape combined with the stripe detailing on the toe, definitely makes these boots a stand-out. I love that these boots are channeling major Gucci vibes with that green and red ribbon on the toe. These would be perfect to wear with a street style look all fall! 

6. MK Knee High Leather Boots: These Michael Kors Knee High boots are a perfect fall staple. These boots can be dressed up for work with a pencil skirt or can be dressed down on the weekends, so I am in love with their versatility. I should also add that I am 5'8 and love the height of these boots!

7. Vince Camuto OTK Light Suede Boots: I am sharing a photo of these on my instagram today; these have been my favorite new boots this season. I love the light suede color and the wide shape at the top (different than the tight over-the-knee trend a la the Steve Madden gorgeous boot). I highly recommend these boots, but, I would say go up a half size from your normal size!

8. Aerosoles Knee High Boots: To wrap up this list I had to share these knee high boots. Being aerosoles, these boots are actually comfortable and make the perfect boot for a long weekend of running errands, etc.

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Work Wear | Bell Sleeves & Fall Colors

Happy Monday everyone! Since this is the first Monday of fall, I wanted to share my favorite fall wear-to-work look of the moment. Fall fashion is always my favorite because I love the rich jewel tone colors and am always drawn to all the different fabric textures (like the faux fur of this leopard print clutch!) 

 While I love everything about this fall office outfit; the real stand-out piece is the bell sleeved button down shirt. I just cannot get enough of these sleeves! The accordion bell sleeve shape reminds me of 1920's bankers & lawyers. It's a "power shirt" to say the least! I wanted to pair the dramatic shirt with a fall skirt, and this wine / burgundy pencil skirt was the perfect match.

 The quality of this skirt really impressed me, as often affordable pencil skirts are a super thin knit which is neither flattering nor particularly office appropriate. This skirt is definitely not that; it is a thicker, heavier spandex type material that is ah-mazing. It holds everything in and doesn't show any lines (of your tucked in shirt, etc.) I highly recommend it!

To accessorize this skirt and shirt combo, I wanted to add one more stand out piece so I went with a leopard print clutch. Leopard print and red is a classic combo, but I have always been more partial to leopard print and burgundy. Especially for fall, this combination can't be beat!

Finally I went with my most comfortable work heels since this is the ultimate busy, running-around- an-office fall outfit. If you don't know about these comfortable heels, be sure to check out my guide to comfortable heels for work where I've talked more about them (and others).

I am back at it today with my busy work schedule. If you follow me on instagram, you'll know that i am in the middle of a 6 week trial, so life is pretty busy at the moment. It's great though- and I love the work I am getting to do!

I hope you all have an excellent work day (and whole work week of course haha). Come back tomorrow for a new blog post!! Throughout the fall I have so many looks I want to share with you guys that I will, for the most part, be posting 4x a week instead of 3; meaning I will be adding in a Tuesday post!

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New York Fashion Week - Day 5

As I mentioned in yesterday's post; today is my LAST post recapping my September 2017 New York Fashion Week experience. I am still in shock that I was able to attend NYFW and go to so many amazing shows and events. What really topped off the trip though and helped make it my dream fashion week was attending the Alice & Olivia presentation on my last day.

I am a huge Alice & Olivia fan and heard rumblings through the fashion world that the spring/summer 18 collection was particularly stunning. I woke up early on September 12th (despite having had less than four hours of sleep each night of fashion week) just because I was so excited for this presentation!

First up though- my blogger squad and I decided that since the presentation wasn't until 11am, this would be a perfect morning for us to all go out and take some squad pics. These blogger ladies (Jess, Candace, Lily and Keyma) are not only huge fashion inspirations to me, but are also really sweet, really cool people. I can't imagine fashion week would have been nearly as fun without them! Below are two my favorite photos that we snapped. I'll also include a widget of what we're wearing in case you want to shop any of our outfits!

After taking way too many photos and drinking way too much coffee, we headed down to Skylight Galleries for the Alice & Olivia presentation. As I mentioned when recapping the Banana Republic presentation, I love the atmosphere of presentations so so much. The energy of the room is just different, and being able to go right up to the clothes allows you to really notice detail and quality you would not typically get to see in a runway show.

The Alice and Olivia spring/summer '18 collection is nothing short of amazing. The presentation itself was well done with different 'rooms' being created within the gallery to go with the different outfits. The name of the game was clearly color - and the pieces give throw back vibes to not just one, but multiple eras, which I found really cool. For example, there are pieces reminiscent of 1960s palm springs. Check these out:

There are also pieces that give more of a 70s hippie chic vibe. Check out these pics:

There is even a nod to the over the top fashion that was the 1980s with this sequin ball gown:

Overall my favorite pieces in the collection are the, below, jumpsuit (I neeeeeed it), sparkle tee shirt, and the above palm tree print items. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this collection and what your favorite piece(s) are!

The Alice & Olivia presentation was from 11-1.. but I needed to leave to get back to the hotel and book it to the airport by 12:30. As per usual, NYC traffic was insane so I was in a bit of a panic all the way to JFK, but I made my flight and could not have been happier that I made it to the Alice & Olivia presentation before flying out!

My first fashion week was everything I could have hoped for. I am already getting excited for next year! If you have any questions about my experience at fashion week definitely feel free to ask!

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New York Fashion Week - Day 4

Thankfully, after how crazy busy day 2 & 3 of NYFW were, things started to wind down on Day 4. My fourth day of New York Fashion Week I attended two runway shows and a blogger appreciation event held by the Riviere PR agency.

The first show of the day was Colovos. This was not a brand I was familiar with so I was excited to go into the show with no expectations and be completely surprised. What I learned is that Colovos is a husband & wife duo, who previously worked as creative directors at Helmut Lang. They reside in New York and the collection definitely reflects the New York city-slicker vibe. There is very little color in the collection, and the pieces focus on fashionable takes on everyday staples like trench coats and, to my pleasant surprise the 'Canadian tuxedo' (...denim on denim in case you have never heard that term before haha). Below are some of my favorite pieces:

This was the only day where I had more than a quick break between runway shows, so I decided to take full advantage of having an entire afternoon off and set out to explore NYC. I ended up just wandering Greenwich Village for ages; mostly because I am obsessed the atmosphere. I could absolute see myself living there.

As Day 4 happened to be September 11th, my blogger girls and I all headed down to the 9/11 memorial to pay our respects. We did not realize until we arrived that the memorial is closed to the public on 9/11 for both security reasons and to allow family members of those who were killed on that day some private time at the memorial. We were however able to listen to some memorial speeches by NYC fire fighters and first responders. It was a very moving experience.
On a lighter note, we ended up spending the rest of the afternoon exploring the east village and little italy. We ate, we shopped, we generally had a great New York afternoon.

Up next was a blogger appreciation event held by the Riviere Agency at happy hour. The event was held at the coolest restaurant - the Antique Garage. The decor was amazing and I am still getting cravings for the jalapeno margarita.

The final fashion show of the day was Mimi Prober. Mimi Prober is a New York based designer who is best known for her focus on antique materials and styles; think fashion inspired by the materials and the styles of the 1800s. What I liked most about her collection is the use of tulle and layering to create what were basically moving works of art. One look at this first photo below and you'll see what I mean:

The real showstopper from her collection, in my mind, though was a stunning black lace outfit. Check it out:

And that was it for Day 4! Be sure to come back tomorrow for my FINAL day of New York Fashion Week. I actually had to leave for the airport at noon - so it was not so much a day as an insane couple of hours, but, trust me when I say you don't want to miss the post as the presentation I attended that morning was by FAR my favorite part collection of fashion week. (Any guesses what designer this was?!?!)

New York Fashion Week - Day 3

Today I've got my third daily recap of New York Fashion Week. Day 3 (September 10th) was by far my busiest day. My blogger squad and I were out of bed by 6:30 pretty much every morning in order to get our hair and makeup done before starting in on the day's runway shows & presentation. 

Today was the earliest start however because the Francesca Liberatore runway show was at 9am. Getting up early for this show was definitely made easier by how excited I was for it!! I was actually given a front row seat at this show, so I was over-the-moon about fulfilling one of my dreams to sit front row at a New York Fashion Week show.

The Francesca Liberatore show did not disappoint! Her spring/summer '18 collection was full of incredible fabrics. From bold dark prints to lace the materials in this collection are bar-none. I swooned over almost every single look! I've included some of my favorite pics from the runway show below:

Next up was the Dan Liu Runway show. Making both of these shows was a little nuts as they were back-to-back with Francesca being scheduled for 9-10am and Dan Liu for 10-11am. Luckily, both runway shows were held at Skylight, just in two different galleries, so I quickly booked it out of Francesca and headed in to see Dan Liu!

Dan Liu definitely has my vote for the coolest makeup and hair design of all of the runway shows I attended. The Dan Liu spring/summer '18 collection was inspired by nature. The influences from the animal kingdom and the environment come through in every one of his pieces and the feathers used as part of the beauty for the models really helped bring this out. Below are some of my favorite looks! 

The next runway show of the day was Leanne Marshall. I was really excited for this show as well, as I had seen photos and read reviews of her fall/winter collection that was shown at NYFW in February. Her pieces were gorgeous, so I was excited to see what she would do with spring/summer weather. 

This was the most unusual runway show of the ones I attended, in terms of the layout. The Gallery we were in for this show was laid out in a winding path rather than one straight runway. This meant that seating was all over the room and models had very long walks. I wasn't a huge fan of this layout, but luckily the collection itself was fantastic! 

Leanne Marshall is always very into color. This collection used basically every color in the rainbow in a monochromatic look. The result was a really interesting and beautiful runway show. Also, to me the absolute best part of this show was the diversity. Leanne Marshall had women of all shapes and sizes in her show - something very rare for fashion week. What I especially liked about it was that while there were women who would have been a size 6, a size 14, etc., there were still women with the traditional model size 0 body type. Before anyone goes biting my head off for saying I liked that; let me explain.

I am all about the fashion industry embracing women who aren't a size zero (I mean, hi, I am a very curvy size 6 woman, so clearly this interests me). That said, I worry about the pendulum swinging too far when I hear about shows or designers banning models that are size zero or are under a certain weight. To me, this does the exact same thing that excluding bigger sizes of women does - it sends the message that certain body types or sizes is okay, but others are not. 

Two of my close friends are size zero. One of whom because she is just a friggin stick by nature, and the other because she has Crohn's disease and gaining weight is a real struggle. I hate the idea of them being sent the message that they are "too skinny"; that their bodies are not okay. What I want to see in the fashion industry (and what I am thrilled to have seen at Leanne Marshall) is a complete mixture. Women really are size 0 and they should be shown. But, women are also short and size 12; tall and size 6; curvy and size 4... I want to see a fashion industry that accepts and embraces the idea that every body is beautiful.

Okay, rant over. Back to Leanne Marshall. Below are some of my favorite photos from her runway show.

Are you exhausted yet haha?? Well, Day 3 is still going strong folks. Up next was the Vivienne Hu runway show - another one that I ended up absolutely swooning over.

What I loved about the Vivienne Hu spring/summer collection is the fact that it sticks with clean simple lines (in basically only black and white) but she adds interest to the pieces through unusual draping (off the shoulder elements, slits in the sleeves or pant legs, etc.) 

After the Vivienne Hu show was a launch party for the new line of a shoe brand; Lust for Life Shoes. This was held on a rooftop bar midtown; so the blogger squad and I had a blast just enjoying the view! The shoes were, of course, amazing as well, and we all got to go home with a pair from the new collection. Funnily enough, my girls and I ALL choose the exact same pair; gold metallic oxfords. They will be so fun to style this fall!

After that we ended up wandering around NY for a while before finally heading back to the hotel (with our 99 cent 2am New York pizza of course haha).

Come back tomorrow for a recap of Day 4!!!

New York Fashion Week - Day 2

Good morning readers! As promised, here is a recap of Day 2 of my New York Fashion Week experience. Day 2 started, the way all my days start, with a hunt for good coffee. We were staying mid-town and so I woke up and went on a hunt for quality coffee. I ended up at Rockefeller Plaza where they have a Blue Bottle coffee location. I've gotta say, this is some of the best coffee I have ever had.

Once caffeinated I headed down to Skylight Galleries (where the majority of NYFW runway shows and presentations were held) for my first runway show of the day - Runa Ray.

I really liked Runa Ray's spring/summer 2018 collection because of the artistry of it. While many designers this year have opted for structured pieces (there have been more statement shoulders than one could possibly imagine) Runa Ray's collection embraced a more ethereal vibe. Gauzy, flowly fabrics with what looks to be handpainted detailing are the heart of this collection. In the last photos below, you'll see my favorite piece from the show - a white blazer with purple flowers that have a 'painted by hand' look. It's such a gorgeous piece!

Next up for me was the Banana Republic NYFW Presentation. I wasn't sure what to expect with this, as it was not a traditional presentation. Rather, Banana Republic this year decided to simply hold an open-to-the-public event at their flagship store in NYC to showcase the new Olivia Palermo x Banana Republic collection that just launched.

This event had a bit of a rocky start. I arrived and stood in an area with other media personalities and bloggers outside the store itself. A massive stage was set up on the sidewalk out front and models wearing the new collection came from the store and walked up to stand on this stage. It looked really cool - and was definitely a unique concept. 

Unfortunately, a protest broke out within minutes of this 'show' starting. From what I understand, a group of individuals focused on protesting cruelty to animals came to protest Banana's use of real furs. Now, I am not going to get into this heated issue at all (though I personally don't wear real fur) as I am also not even sure if it is true that Banana uses real fur. I leave this topic to the experts.

It was quite scary for a few minutes as some protestors tackled a model and police had to step in and make some arrests. The individuals in charge of this event ushered the few of us media people who were still outside inside (many were already inside) and the event continued in store.

Onto a more positive and lighthearted note - the fashion!! I loved so many of the pieces in the new Olivia Palermo collection. The red winter coat is hands down my favorite and I will be wearing it all winter long. One of the coolest things about this unique presentation is that unlike with most NYFW shows where collections wont launch for months; all pieces launched that day and we were able to shop in store.

It was also really cool because Olivia Palermo was present to answer questions and talk with fans. Kelsey and I were there together and we were lucky enough to speak with her and compliment her on the new collection. It was really great to see her interacting with people and basically being a normal person.

After the Banana Republic Presentation I headed back to another runway show - the Julianna Bass show. This was probably my most favorite runway show of all of them. I loved the Julianna Bass pieces. With her collection we see again the masculine/feminine dichotomy (clearly this is going to be huge in spring/summer 2018 fashion!!) and we also see a bit of a throw back to 70s style. There were tons of prints, high waisted pants and a general vibe that made me feel like I was hanging out in California in the mid-70s.

The one thing I have to say I did not love about the Julianna Bass collection is the number of pieces in the new shade "Millennial pink". This color has been taking the fashion world by storm - you will be seeing it everywhere over the next year. I, personally, just cannot get into it though. ... And this is coming from a huge lover of pink. The shade is just weird - it reminds me of pepto bismol. #NotAFan. Otherwise though, this collection was one of my favorites! You can see some of my favorites below (and some shots of the millennial pink items so you can see what I'm talking about).

After the Julianna Bass show I headed back to the hotel to get ready for the evening's parties! Day 2 I had to parties to get to - the RewardStyle party and the Shop Lulu's party.

First up was the Reward Style party. This was a great event held at La Sirena restaurant. What I loved most about this event was that I got to meet so many bloggers who I know via the internet; but have never met in real life. I got to hang out with the lovely Hollie (from Fashions of Fancy) and Kat (from KatWalk SF) who are both just the sweetest in real life. I also got to meet one of the bloggers I have been following for ever (and am totally in awe of) Brooke (from KB Styled).

I would have loved to stay longer at La Sirena meeting people, but had to head out to the Shop Lulu's party. Lulu's is one of my favorite affordable online retailers, so I was excited to see what they had in store for their NYFW party. The party was great! The venue was really cool (and thankfully there were great drinks and appies!). They also had makeup artists on site to do our makeup, and, we got to pick out one dress from some of the new Lulu's dresses to take home with us!  

And that was it for day 2! Come back tomorrow for a recap of day 3... the busiest day (by far) of my NYFW experience!
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