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The response to my last fitting room review was so positive, that I thought I would do another one! This time I am sharing with you my review of some of the spring/summer wear-to-work items currently available at H&M. H&M has long been one of my go-to stores for work wear. The quality is decent, the prices are great, and I love that H&M finds a way to incorporate trends (currently: lace, ruffles, cut outs) into classic work wear.

What I don't always love about H&M is the fit of the clothes. I find the items can be super 'hit or miss'. H&M, I therefore realized, would be the perfect choice for my next fitting room review! Below you'll find pics and reviews for 9 different items that are business casual / perfect for any working woman for this spring/summer. I've linked the items underneath each set of photos, or you can scroll to the bottom of the post for a widget with ALL of the items in today's post. 
As always, if you have any questions about fit, quality, styling, etc.; let me know in the comments below and I will be sure to get back to you! Happy shopping!

1. Lace Pencil Skirt / Blouse / Nude Suede Shoes

Lace Trim Button Down Shirt (can't find the exact online; but this one is similar) // Blue Lace Pencil Skirt // Nude Suede Pumps 

Skirt Overall: 5/5
Quality: Excellent. Love the fabric.
Fit: True to size
Thoughts: This is my favorite item of all of H&M's spring pieces. The unlined layer of lace at the bottom adds some drama to an otherwise conservative length skirt. This is a must-have for spring. 

Shirt Overall: 5/5
Quality: Good. I would prefer a less clingy fabric though.
Fit: True to size
Thoughts: This shirt is great for spring because while it is long sleeved it is quite light weight. 

Shoes Overall: 4/5
 Quality: Medium. They aren't very sturdy in the sides.
Fit: A bit tight. I would go a half size up.
Thoughts: I love these for the price, but I think they are more of a 'wear them out' type shoe than a classic piece you can keep from season to season.

2. Ruffle Shoulder Pinstripe Top / Black Pants / Grey Suede Heels

Blouse Overall: 3.5/5
Quality: Medium (I wish it was less see through)
Fit: True to size
Thoughts: I'm obsessed with the shoulder detailing. This is what I mean when I say H&M does an amazing job of making a trend work appropriate - ruffles don't exactly scream business casual, but they have made them work with this shirt! I give this shirt only a 3.5 for two reasons though- the see-throughness (pretend that's a word haha) and the dreaded "button gap" around the chest, which is my #1 clothing pet peeve.

Pants Overall: 4/5
Quality: Good.
Fit: True to size
Thoughts: While I don't love these as much as my staple work pants, they are quite good. I like that they are loose throughout the leg - it's a universally flattering cut!

Shoes Overall: 4/5
 Exact same review as the nude suede heels. I bought these because I have been wanting grey heels for ages (perfect for a navy suit) but I don't anticipate them lasting for too long.

3. Leopard Top / Beige Slim Fit Pants 

Leopard Tee Overall: 5/5
Quality: Medium (good for the price, but feels cheap-ish)
Fit: A bit big - I would size down (I'm wearing a S)
Thoughts: I LOVE leopard print year round, and this tee is a great way to wear it in the spring. I would consider this tee a 'must-have' because you can wear it to work- styled with beige pants- but it is actually tunic length so it is also a perfect comfy weekend top to wear with leggings. Multi-tasking shirt for the win!!

Pants Overall: 5/5
Quality: I am obsessed. The fabric is so soft.
Fit: True to size
Thoughts: The slight sheen to these pants comes from the soft fabric. I can't recommend these enough.

4. Blush Frilly Blouse / Olive Pants

Blouse Overall: 4/5
Quality: Excellent.
Fit: True to size
Thoughts: This blouse is just gorgeous. I can't say enough about the collar and sleeves. Obsessed.

Pants Overall: 2/5
Quality: Bad (way too thin)
Fit: True to size
Thoughts: These are more like leggings than pants. They are side-zip and skin tight - not a flattering look for the office. Hard pass on these bad boys.

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  1. Fantastic idea! I agree with you on H&M. I love the beige pants, normally it's not my color but the fit is great!

    1. Thank you so much! And right?! H&M is just the best! You should check out the beige pants - I believe they have them in olive and navy as well!!

  2. I haven't been to H&M in so long. I did get some nude suede pumps from there a couple of months ago though. Love the two blouses and the silver lace skirt is my favorite piece. =)

    I host a style linkup on Thursdays and I'd love for you to join it and share your great sense of style. Thanks and enjoy the weekend!!

    1. You should definitely go check out their spring stuff! And oo good call- nude pumps are such a great, versatile shoe to have!

  3. An H & M just came to my area, so I need to go check them out. The lace skirt you tried is beautiful! Great fitting room post. Thanks for linking up, Lee.

    1. Ah no way! Great timing!! Let me know if you find stuff you like there!!


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