Olivia Pope Style (and why you should buy a winter coat now!)

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I can't get enough of the TV show Scandal. The show itself is amazing and Olivia Pope's coat and handbag collections are out of this world. This long grey coat reminded me of something her character would wear. Given the price point of this coat I am really quite impressed with the quality. The material is so soft! Unfortunately the coat is sold out in most sizes in grey, but there are still plenty available in camel or black here. I'll include all three in the widget below as well as well as a nearly identical coat

With spring *almost* upon us, most people are packing away their winter coats and sweaters. But, now is actually the perfect time to buy a winter coat (or two!) Right now most retailers have their coats on sale, but still have pretty good availability in terms of sizing. Unlike many trends which change season to season, a classic winter coat is not something that will go out of style by next winter - making a winter coat the perfect item to buy at the end of the season.

In other news,what the actual heck happened at the Oscars last night?! That was the craziest mix up I have ever witnessed on live TV. I've gotta say though, my twitter feed following the error was pure comedic gold. I re-tweeted some of my faves, so be sure to check that out. Two key points though:

1) Doesn't matter if this is the Monday-est Monday of all time, you cannot mess up more than that epic mistake... soooo, it's a good day.

2) In all seriousness, how well did the Lala Land producer handle the whole situation?! He is officially #goals for classiness, maturity and calm under pressure. Kuddos to him


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Best Beauty Products for the Busy Working Woman

best products for last all day makeup
As a busy woman, I know the importance of finding beauty products that last all day, because nobody has time for touchups. I am SO excited to be bringing you today's post because I have been working on it for ages. I wanted to find the best of the best when it comes to makeup and hair care products that last all day, that I think every working woman needs. Below are my top 6 beauty products for busy women; along with my thoughts on why the particular product is a must-have if you're a busy woman, and my review of the pros & cons of the product. Read on for more: your busy schedule will thank you!

long lasting under eye concealer

Nobody likes the look of bags under their eyes, and let's be honest every busy woman could all use a little more sleep. Erase paste is the best way to brighten up your under eye and look more well rested. There are a number of under eye concealers on the market, but erase paste is by far the best bang for your buck. You only need a little bit of product each time, so the pot of concealer lasts a long time. I've been using the same one for three months and it's still not empty. Most importantly though, I recommend erase paste over any other under eye concealer because it actually stays in place all day - an essential feature for any busy woman. I don't have time to touch up my makeup during the day, so I need makeup that will last all through my work day and this under eye concealer definitely lasts. 

best long lasting foundation
I have spent YEARS trying to find the perfect foundation. It is not an exaggeration to say I tried 50 different kinds before finding Estee Lauder double wear. This is the holy grail of foundation. Why? Because it really does last all day BUT it doesn't feel heavy or look cakey. The problem with a lot of long lasting makeup is that it is too thick and feels, quite frankly, gross on your skin. Double wear goes on light and smooth but still lasts all day. I swear by this foundation and recommend it for any woman; especially women who need their makeup to last from morning to night.  

best products to make your makeup last all day
This is probably one of the most loved products by makeup artists everywhere. A quick pat of this powder of your entire face once your makeup is complete removes shine and sets the makeup, especially your foundation, for long-lasting wear. An added bonus about this setting powder is you can also buy it in travel size. I have the standard one for my everyday makeup but I keep a travel size in my drawer so that I can still take it with me when I travel without lugging around the giant tub. This is a must-have product.

4. Lipsense 

lipsense review for work day
Let me preface this by saying, I do not sell lipsense - I am not here publicizing it to try to sell it to you - I just genuinely love it. I only recently tried lipsense (about 3 weeks ago) and don't think I will ever go back to any other lip product for daily wear. I could not believe that it really does work - I apply it in the morning and manage to have coffee and lunch and come home from work with it still looking perfect. This, my friends, is a total game changer. I recommend any woman who has a busy day ahead wear this lipstick so they can forget about their lips, get on with their day, and never worry about reapplying their makeup. 

best products to set makeup all day
Whatever makeup I am doing for the day, whatever products I am using, I ALWAYS end with a quick spritz of this on my face. This product is designed to set your makeup - and it definitely does it's job. What I like, similar to the setting powder, is this doesn't make your makeup feel heavy or cakey. It goes on as a light mist which dries in a few seconds leaving your makeup ready to go and last all day. Everyone should add this step into their makeup routine.

best dry shampoo for volume

I have blogged before about how I do my hair for work. What I have added to my "arsenal" since then though, is this killer dry shampoo. Let me tell you, as a busy lawyer who happens to have a ridiculous amount of long, thick hair, dry shampoo has long been my best friend. I have tried a number of different brands - including some high end ones - and nothing has lived up to this product. My favorite thing about this beauty product is that it really does volumize. Most dry shampoos weigh your hair down quite significantly, but this adds a ton of volume to my hair which is amazing. I also like this dry shampoo because it doesn't leave behind a white residue - a problem that so many dry shampoos have. This is my favorite hair care product and definitely something that I use on the regular when I just don't have time to wash and blow dry my hair. If you need to extend your hairstyle throughout your busy work week, give this product a try. 

And that's it! Those are my must-have beauty products, that I really think every busy woman should have to make their makeup and their hair look great throughout the day, while being low maintenance.

Shop the products here:

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Wednesday Wants

Earrings  // Navy Handbag // Flutter Sleeve Dress // Scallop Suede Heels

Happy Wednesday! Another Wednesday, of course, means another edition of Wednesday wants. I did a lot of online "window" shopping this weekend, so it was hard to narrow down items to just 2 outfits this week. I did though (clearly haha) and I hope you like the looks. I am head over heels for every one of these items. 

The weekend outfit:
I have been keeping an eye on outfits with cold shoulders because I find the trend very interesting - but I haven't found it to be something I would wear. This cold shoulder shirt with ruffles and a very classic fit won me over. I love it. The floral skirt is the perfect compliment - and is great to transition from winter to spring. I decided to go with wine colored shoes to bring out the flowers from the skirt. I have these lace up heels in a tan color and they are my favorite summer shoes. So comfortable. I definitely need to add this wine color to my closet as well! In terms of accessories I went with statement rings because you know I am a statement ring addict.

The work outfit:
  While I am a huge fan of print mixing and incorporating color into your work wear, sometimes it's nice to just create a monochromatic work look. It's effortlessly polished and professional. The flutter sleeves on this dress give the professional style a trendy element, which is always a great addition to work wear. I also love the subtle print to the fabric. Add some navy accessories (how great are the scalloped pumps?!?) and you've got a solid work look!

Fitting Room Reviews - Banana Republic

 I realized it's been a while (a year!) since I did a fitting room review. I really like fitting room reviews because they allow me to show you more items than I would be able to in a traditional blog post, but, they still allow me to give you my feedback on each item. For today's review I decided to go with Banana Republic as they are one of the best retailers for work day items that also transition well into evenings and weekends. So without any further ado -

Overall: 5/5
Quality: Excellent. Love the fabric.
Fit: True to size (I'm wearing a S)
This is my favorite item of all of Banana Republic's spring pieces. The blush color is gorgeous, the fit is great and it's a 'wear with everything' item.

Overall: 4/5
Quality: Pretty good. It could use an added button or hidden snap to prevent gaping over the chest. I also found the fabric to be very clingly in the dry weather.
Fit: True to size (I'm wearing a 4)
Thoughts: This is a gorgeous dress, and it would be amazing on so many people. I am quite long waisted so I found that it hits a bit too high to be flattering on me, even when I put a belt on. It's also already sold out in this pink shade, but it's still available in a gorgeous orange.

 Overall: 2/5
Quality: Decent.
Fit: True to size (I'm wearing a 4)
Thoughts: I really, really wanted to love this dress. It's so unique and would be perfect for work. But, sadly, it's not as great on as it is on the hanger. The top part is amazing, but I didn't find the pleated side very flattering. It would look better on someone less curvy than myself. I was also disappointed with the attached belt. The material is extremely flimsy - it looks quite low quality. Also, it doesn't seem to stay in place when tightened; it just wiggles itself loose. Hence the last photo - I wanted to show you how the belt sits in reality.

Overall: 4/5
Quality: Amazing
Fit: True to size (I'm wearing a S)
Thoughts: I am obsessed with how soft this is. The color I am wearing is "magenta sky" and I love the shade (I also recommend it in "watermelon" which is gorgeous in person). The only thing I don't like about this sweater is that it is a bit shorter than I like. Again, being long-waisted I find that a longer length is more flattering on me and I would have liked another inch on the bottom. If you aren't long-waisted or tall though - get. this. sweater.


Overall: 5/5
Quality: Good. Not as soft as the cashmere blend crewneck, but still really comfortable. The stitching is well done and the buttons are secure.
Fit: True to size (I'm wearing a S)
Thoughts:  LOVE this sweater. This color is "aqua sea" and as you can see, it is a bit more blue than the online photo shows. I love it. This is about an inch longer than the crewneck, so I found this to be extremely flattering. The button detailing on the sleeves is an added detail that I just love, and the V is the perfect depth - not too high but also not too low for work.
I bought this in both aqua sea and in bright magenta (it's that great haha)

Overall: 3/5
 Quality: Good.
Fit: True to size (I'm wearing a 4)
Thoughts: If you've been following my blog or instagram for a while, you know that I am a sloan pant ADDICT. I swear by these pants... I have four pairs. So, when i saw this bright color I knew I needed to try them. Unfortunately, I'm not sure the extremely tight fit of the sloan works as well in a bright color as it does in black/navy. I just didn't like the look of these on. That said, the bright colors are stunning, so if you are bold enough to wear em, you can't beat this fit.

Overall: 4/5 Quality: Good.
Fit: True to size (I'm wearing a 4)
Thoughts: These I LOVE. I put these on right after the sloan pants and was like 'ahhh this is how a bright colored pant should fit to be flattering'. I love the length, they sit slightly higher on the waist than the sloan (which I really like), and the waist band stays in place and doesn't gape. Such a win.

Overall: 4/5 Quality: Good.
Fit: True to size (I'm wearing a 4)
Thoughts: This is one of BR's new prints for spring, and I just love the print. I figured I would get the most wear out of a dress in this print (as opposed to the pants) and I was pleasantly surprised by the fit. It looks rather blah on the hanger, but on it skims the body and flares just enough at the bottom to create a really nice silhouette. I highly recommend this dress!

Overall: 2/5  
Quality: Good.
Fit: Very large (I'm wearing an XS - I would go one to two sizes down in this shirt)
Thoughts: I love the ruffled sleeves but the ruffled hem sat a bit to high on the hip for my liking. The shapelessness throughout the body of the shirt was also just not particularly flattering. Not my favorite item, sadly.

And there you have it!! I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any other questions about the items definitely leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer it. Now, go have some fun doing some serious retail damage at Banana Republic! :P 

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Over the Knee Boots - Work Day Style

work appropriate over the knee boots outfit

outfit idea business casual with sleeveless blazer
sleeveless blazer over a grey dress

sleeveless blazer over a dress

 Dress (size down) // OTK Boots c/o // Similar Sleeveless Blazer // Glasses // Similar Chanel Handbag, Similar Affordable Bag //

Last week I did a post on how to wear over the knee boots to the office. I mentioned in that post that I did have a second look in mind that would show another work day appropriate outfit featuring over the knee boots. Today I am sharing that look with you! 

As this outfit shows, another way in which you can make over-the-knee boots appropriate for an office or professional setting is to style them with a dress, so that only the tiniest sliver of skin shows above the boots. To make the look extra professional add a blazer or sleeveless blazer like I did here. 

Okay, on to the specifics of this outfit. The OTK boots are brand new and I have got to say I love them. They are way better quality than I was expecting (and are better than some of my far more expensive boots) Also, they don't slide down at all while you're walking - a common problem with OTK boots. 

The dress I got this past weekend and love that the pockets are actually functional. (side note: can we please talk about why the heck women's clothing is constantly being made with fake pockets?! It drives me beyond insane) I run around between various offices & courtrooms all day so being able to throw my cell phone in one of these pockets has been amazing. The dress is BIG though and I recommend going 1 or even 2 sizes down. I am usually a small/medium, and this is an extra small.

As always, if you've got sizing questions or quality questions about any of the items you see me wear, let me know in the comments below! 

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