Wednesday Wants: Trendy Fall Items

boots jewelry and clothes for fall 2016 office wear

I can't get enough of fall items right now. The rich colors and fabrics that are trending this season are just so beautiful! One of my favorite things about fall is getting to scope out the new fall trends. I think we can all agree, fall fashion is definitely the most fun & anticipated!

I am particularly in love with royal blue & tortoise shell this season. I also want to update my jewelry for fall - focus more on statement earrings and bracelets. I love the idea of statement earrings with a top knot as a work day staple this fall.

Have you started shopping for fall yet? What items or trends are catching your eye? I would love to know, so feel free to leave me a comment below! (... unintentional rhyming there. sorry about that! ha)

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WDLBD - aka. your Work Day Little Black Dress

black office dress with peplum waistblack t-strap pumpsrose gold jewelryblack sweetheart neckline office appropriate dresswork appropriate black peplum dress

Dress c/o // Shoes // Bracelet // Watch // Similar Heart Rings: (1), (2), (3)

A work day little black dress (yeah that's right - I felt the need to acronym that into WDLBD haha) is a wardrobe essential. A black dress will always be a great choice for the office - it is a classic, professional look. 

This peplum dress is the perfect WDLBD for many reasons. First, the length is entirely work appropriate. Second, the sweetheart neckline and peplum detail add a fashionable, trendy element to this classic piece. Finally, I love the material of this dress - while it is tight fitted, it is quite thick and so avoids the dreaded 'body-con-at-work' look. 

I am on such a rose gold kick right now, so I paired this WDLBD with rose gold accessories that, again, work for the office. I love my rose gold watch - it is one of most worn items at work. Because I can't always have my cell phone on me (the challenge of being a courtroom lawyer) I definitely like to have a watch at all times.

In other news, I got back into Vancouver yesterday after my vacation at my parents. I'm pretty excited to be back at work (I really love being a lawyer) but I already miss my nieces & nephews. It is certainly tough living away from all my little munchkins! I had a blast with them this past week. Did you catch my instagram story of my niece making fun of me for taking selfies?! The kid cracks me up!! Have a great day everyone!

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Late Summer Florals

forever 21 floral strapless dress Dress // Sandals // Similar Handbags here & here // Necklace c/o // Rings c/o // Matte Lip Cream (my favorite lip product!)

Happy Friday readers! Today I am guest posting over on Lizzie in Lace. Head on over for more outfit photos from this look, and to get to know me better if you are a new reader!


Hi beauties!

Welcome to the Link Up! Thanks so much to Lee for hosting while I am away!

Link up your favorite look from the week below <3

Wednesday Wants: Stylish Blazers

best blazers for women

womens blazers bold colors

As a primarily courtroom lawyer, I spend 95% of my time in blazers. If you too have to wear a blazer some or all of the time at work, you know the importance of finding one that is good quality, well-fitted, and stylish! It can be a daunting task (especially as a female!).

Luckily, this fall there are so many bold blazers that make a fashion statement while still ensuring you look polished and professional. The above ones are my favorites (... so far haha) I think I am going to invest in the pink one. Clearly, it can't be worn every day, but what beautiful statement piece! I love it with stripes (as they've shown), but it would also look gorgeous with pale grey, black or even leopard print for a bold choice.

How many of you wear blazers to work regularly? Should I style more of them here on LLB? I would love to know your thoughts! 

On another note, I am still on vacation and having so much fun with all my nieces and nephews. Be sure to follow along on instagram & twitter to stay up to date on my adventures. And for all you working moms out there - YOU ARE ALL SUPERHUMAN. I am SO impressed and have a renewed respect for all you manage to do. #TiredAuntLee

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Diner en Blanc - Vancouver

easy work day hair side braidwhite a line mini dress
diner en blanc vancouver outfit
dress idea for diner en blanc
rose gold olive and piper earringstips for attending diner en blanc
makeup for green eyes purple eyeliner

This past Thursday I attended Diner en Blanc Vancouver. Diner en Blanc is an event that was started in Paris over 30 years ago. It is, essentially, a mass picnic in a secret location. Everyone wears all white and brings their picnic supplies to the location that is revealed to them that tonight. This event takes place in dozens of cities all over the world. At Diner En Blanc in Vancouver this year, there were over 6,000 people.

I expected the evening to be pretty fun - but it definitely exceeded my expectations! It was really interesting to have so many people all gathered together. I met a ton of people and loved all the acrobat & music performances. If you saw my instagram stories from Thursday night, you'll no doubt have seen how stunning the view itself was as the sun set over false creek!

Knowing that I had to be in all white, but also that I'd be carrying picnic things, I wanted to be comfortable. I bought this dress in Athens a few years back and I just adore it. I picked up these flats for FIVE DOLLARS at Ardene Thursday night before the event. Ardene is my go to place for last minute cheap accessories. These shoes were super comfy and the perfect add on to this all-white outfit.

I also wanted to share some tips for anyone planning on attending a Diner en Blanc event next year:

1. Wear Flats
I cannot emphasize this enough. Bring heels to change into if you want them for your look, but wear flats to begin with. Since you have an assigned meeting spot and then head to the secret location, you don't know how much walking you'll have to do. It's not worth the risk!

2. Bring Water
You may end up waiting at your pick-up location for quite some time depending how far from the secret location you are. (My friends and I were there for over an hour). Having some water on you will make this less painful. 

3. Meet Your Neighbours!
Diner en Blanc is the ultimate social event. I was surprised at how chatty everyone was. The table set ups invite you to get to know the people beside you, and unlike at most events everyone is very interested in getting to know other people and learning about the people they are dining with. You'll be surprised at the unique and awesome people you meet if you just branch out!

4. Plan Your Meal Wisely
In terms of what to bring for your picnic dinner, stick with foods that are enjoyable at room temperature. Nothing will stay particularly cold or hot in the hours of time leading up to the dinner. Pasta salad, quinoa salad, bread and cheese all make great choices. 

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A Feminine Suit

Bow pocket CeCe womens suita line skirt suit
womens tweed suit setCeCe womens summer bow suit
womens tweed blazer with bows
 Blazer // Skirt // Heels (SO comfortable) // Crossbody Bag (under $30!) // Lipstick (in "wonderland")

You may remember this suit from my Nordstrom Sale - Product Review post. I have already worn this CeCe suit a few times since then, and receive compliments every time I wear it! The reason I think it is so well-received is that it strikes the perfect balance of professional & stylish/youthful.

The bow detailing adds a hint of femininity. I also love the unique slight a-line cut of the skirt. So few suits diverge from the pencil skirt style, that it was nice to add something different to my wear-to-work wardrobe. 

This Forever 21 crossbody was *such* a great purchase! I use it probably once a week and it cost less than $30! The style reminds me of the famous Chloe "Drew" (but with a price tag that is actually affordable!)

Please forgive my hair in these photos - the humidity has been crazy here in Vancouver this week and I certainly have had the "mane" to prove it. Side note: one of my childhood nicknames was "Simba" lol. 

In other news, I am flying back to the east coast later today to spend a week with my family. I am so, so, excited to eat my parents home cooking, squish my nieces & nephews, & relax with friends by the pool. Follow along on instagram to keep up with my adventures; and like me on facebook to see videos - I will try to post at least one live video while I am away.

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Wednesday Wants: New Fall Releases - Shoes

I have been wanting to update my shoe closet for a while now, and seeing all the great pairs available right now is certainly making me want to splurge! Suede shoes for work are a favorite of mine - so I am happy to see so many suede styles this season. I also love how many great flats there are - as some days you just need to give your feet a break from heels!

I'm currently trying to do 4/5 work days in heels, but give myself one day in flats. Cute flats (like these ones here!) definitely make it easier to give up heels for the day for the sake of my poor feet! 

I hope you all have an awesome day at work! I've got to go to courthouses in a couple different cities today so it should be a busy one for me. (...and yes, given all the running around I'm doing today, today is most-definitely my flats day haha)  

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The 8 Shoes Every Working Woman Should Own

essential shoes for young professional women

I get a lot of reader questions about wardrobe essentials. Today I am sharing with you the 9 shoes that every working women should own. If you are a young professional, consider this your shoe-shopping checklist! I've linked up 3 of my current favorites of each type of shoe below; with one each at a low, mid-range and "splurge" price point.

1. Black Patent Pumps
A true classic. A patent pump in a heel height that is comfortable for you, is never going to let you down.

2. Nude Pumps
Not only do they elongate your legs giving you a flattering line, but nude pumps go with nearly every outfit. As if you needed another reason to swoon over Louboutin pumps: great news! Louboutin has recently announced that they are launching their classic nude pump in SEVEN shades this fall. That means that everyone will (hopefully) be able to find a perfect shade. Diversity for the win!

3. Statement Pumps
A pair of statement pumps - basically any pump of a bold color or pattern, or any pump with an interesting design (think cutouts, bows, etc.) - are a wardrobe must have. These are the perfect way to add some personality and personal expression to a classic work outfit. Because there are so many great options for statement pumps, below I have linked up 3 of my favorites at each price point.

4. Black Wedges
Nothing beats the sophistication of a high heel, but wedges are a must to give your feet a break. A black wedge still looks polished & professional - but is easier on your feet! At least once a week give your feet a break and go for a wedge!

5. Basic Flats
Some days your feet just need a break. Other days, you're outfit just looks better with flats. Every working woman needs a pair of classic flats in her wardrobe. These are also perfect for commuting to and from work - you can always change into heels once you are at the office.

6. Statement Flats
Flats don't have to be boring! There is a misconception that flats are only for your 'comfort' days. Now more than ever, designers are releasing flats that are chic and professional. Add at least one pair of statement flats to your shoe wardrobe. I've linked up two of my personal favorites at each price point in the widget below.

7. Black Ankle Boots
Ankle boots are a perfect way to add a bit more edge or drama to a classic work look. They are also great to help transition your wear-to-work wardrobe from summer to fall.

8. Kitten Heels
A kitten heel is, by most definitions, any pump with a heel of 1-2 inches. This shorter heel is ideal for dresses or skirts that hit at the knee or higher. Below I've listed a classic black and a statement kitten heel at each price point.

If you liked this post, be sure to check out my style guide on The Best & Most Comfortable Heels for Work! With options at every price point this guide sorts through hundreds of reviews and feedback to give you what are considered to be comfortable wear to work heels! Enjoy!

Racing Stripe(d)

pink pants with black racing stripe
embelished button front shirthow to style pink pants for workmallory high heels black

Blazer // Pants c/o (exact color sold out, but many options available) // Shoes // Similar Handbags: (1), (2), (3)

Pink pants that are work appropriate?! My inner 13 year old is freaking. right. out. I fell in love with these pants the moment I saw them. Unfortunately they are a bit big on me (Definitely order one size down) but I like them so much that I don't mind.  

Pale pink/blush is probably my favorite wear-to-work color (see two of my other favorite outfits here & here). I love how well it pairs with both black & grey and how it adds a touch of femininity to traditional office wear.

I'm only in court for the morning session today, so my weekend actually starts at 12:30! I'm having an "adventure day" with my group of girlfriends and I could not be more excited. Follow along on instagram if you want to see the activities and shenanigans we get up to as I'm sure I'll post instagram stories. Have a great Friday everyone, and see you back here Monday morning!

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Wednesday Wants: Fall Wear-to-Work New Releases


Stores are starting to roll out their 2016 fall fashion and I am in LOVE with so many items. (Despite the fact, I have to add, that we only started getting summer weather here in Vancouver about a week ago. ugh. haha)

This week's wants are my favorite pieces (so far) for fall 2016 from my go to stores for office wear. I love the trends this season - from wide leg pants, to detailed shirts, to so. much. texture. It's going to be a great season for fashion! 

In other news, I finally updated my instagram to the latest version so I have instagram stories! I am already hooked. I love making videos to share with you all throughout the day. If you're not following me already, be sure to do so. My instagram is @LegalLeeBlonde

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Bow Shift Dress

Boden blue dress with bow

olive and piper gold jewelryoffice wear bow detail dressvalentino rockstud dupeswork day blue dress with bowNavy Boden Dress

This dress has become a go-to for me for this summer. I love the loose fit - I can feel comfortable and work appropriate. What sold me on the dress though, of course, was the tiny bow detailing at the chest. It adds a touch of femininity and interest to a basic shift silhouette.

This dress is also great because while it works for the summer, I also plan to wear it to work this fall with opaque black tights and ankle booties. This is the definition of an all season item in my books!

In other news, I've got an awesome giveaway going on on my instagram right now! I generally *hate* "loop" giveaways, but this is just me & 9 blogger friends so it's much less work to enter. I hope you like it... I am personally obsessed with the wallet we are giving away!

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My #NSale Purchases - with Honest Product Reviews & Try-On Photos

I am so excited to (finally) share with you my purchases from this year's #NSale. There are only TWO DAYS left to shop the sale, so be sure to check out these items and place your orders STAT!

While general #NSale roundups are great, I wanted to go more in depth and actually provide you guys with reviews of the items I got; sizing tips, notes about the fabric and my thoughts on the item. As a lawyer I couldn't help but structure this by way of me giving you my verdict on each item #lawyerproblems. Without any further ado, here goes: 

Outfit One: Theory Dress

YOU. GUYS. This dress is ah-mazing. It 1000% lives up to the hype. This is my first Theory purchase; though I have been eyeing their suits since the day I stepped foot into law school. I've been hesitant to pull the trigger because of the price tags, but with the dress coming in at under $200, I had to do it. 

Quality: This dress is incredibly well made - the stitching and tailoring are perfect - well worth the investment. 

Size: This fits true-to-size (I am wearing a size 6)

Verdict: 10/10. This is EASILY my favorite score from the sale. KEEPING.


Finding suits that are professional but feminine can be very challenging. That's why, when I saw this suit in the sale, I was positively giddy. Overall, I like this.

Quality: The quality is not as great as I would have expected. The lining seems cheap and (for some incredibly odd reason) its is also BRIGHT blue. You can see a hint of it if you look at my sleeve in the last photo. That said, for the price, the suit is still pretty good. I LOVE the slight a-line cut of the skirt - such a refreshing change from the classic pencil skirt (and one that is far more flattering on my body type). I also like that the hem of the skirt is slightly shorter than I am used to finding (but still work appropriate).

Size: This fits just a touch on the large size- I would size down if you are in-between sizes, otherwise stick with your usual size. (I am wearing a size 4).

Verdict: 7.5/10. Despite the mediocre quality, the unique design and flattering fit of this suit make it worth it. KEEPING.

I just have to say this outfit is making me crave fall something fierce. PUMPKIN SPICE ALL THE THINGS. Okay, now that that is out of my system, let me review each item here in turn.

Quality: Meh. Not much to report. It is neither noticeably good or bad. It is the toast of the clothing world.

Size: Definitely fits large. Size down at least one size (I am wearing a size small, and would have actually preferred an XS)

Verdict: 4/10. This sweater had SO much hype in the fashion blogging world, and to be honest I don't see why. I found the fit to actually be very unflattering - as opposed to a standard loose fit I found it a bit 'bubbled' in the hip area which made my hips (a problem area) appear even larger. RETURNING.

Quality: In stark contrast to the above, these leggings are SO worth the hype. I love the material - just enough stretch to be comfortable but still suck you in nicely. They also sit high on the waist (that perfect sweet spot right underneath your belly button) and are thus perfect in my mind. That said, I do still swear by the Victoria's Secret VSX leggings as the best leggings of all time but these are now my definite second favorite.

Size: Fits a bit large. Size down if you are between sizes (or if you want a really tight fit). I am wearing size small. 

Verdict: 8/10. KEEPING.

Quality: Perfection. I love that these are a smooth leather as opposed to last years 'cobbled' TB boots. The gold emblem is the perfect size and adds just a touch of sparkle. I will be living in these this fall; no question.

Size: Fits true to size or a bit small. I am wearing a 9.5 and I range between a 9 and a 9.5. I also have large calves and these have the perfect amount of 'just a touch' of space for me, so that is great (please note this are the standard not wide calf version). What that means though, is that if you have small calves this may end up being too 'clunky' on you.  

Verdict: 9/10. KEEPING.

Let me just say upfront that I am not a fan of this outfit! I had very high hopes for this top, thinking it would be flattering but comfortable- perfect for fall. But, I don't like it in person sadly!

Quality: So-So. The color of the fabric is beautiful and the material is not too thick and not too thin (yay for not being see through). I don't like the flimsy quality of the tie around the waist though (*though this issue can be addressed as you can see below)

Size: True to size. I am wearing a size small.

Verdict: At first: 2/10 .... but on second thought, 6/10... 

Essentially, I realized that while i do not like the way the tie waist sits as shown on the website, I actually REALLY like the look of this top if you tie the belt around back- as you would if you were tying a trench coat to sit open. This creates a more flattering line and it takes care of the issues I found with the tie being flimsy. So, in the end I decided I liked this top. KEEPING. Here are two more pics to show what I mean about tying it differently.

See review above. 

Quality: Excellent. Lace up shoes can be iffy on quality (always check to see how secure the grommets for the laces are - they can rip on cheap shoes) and these are very well made. The suede and deep burgundy color are beautiful. I did really like these, BUT let me tell you, they take four billion years to put on. You need to carefully pull at all the lace loops to make them go on properly (and have the laces cross evenly across your foot). If you are willing to deal with doing this then these shoes are definitely a great purchase, I just am way too impatient for that. 

Size: True to size. I am wearing a size 9.

Verdict: 7/10. RETURNING. 

THAT'S IT FOLKS! I would love, love, love to hear your thoughts on this post, on my outfits (did I keep the right items?!) and any reviews you may have of these items! Let me know in the comments below. And lastly, to recap, here are the direct links to shop all of the above mentioned items: 

Theory Dress
CeCe Tweed Suit Skirt 
CeCe Tweed Suit Jacket
BP Open Front Cardigan
Zella Leggings
Tory Burch Riding Boots 
Halogen Belted Pink Top
Zella Leggings
Vince Camuto Lace-Up Heels

Also, for anyone wondering the other items you see me wearing in the photos are:
My Heels: Cole Haan 
My Bracelet: Olive & Piper
My Phone Case: Kate Spade

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