Wednesday Wants: Summer Pencil Skirts Under $150

I have been craving pencil skirts a lot lately. I have spent countless hours online window-shopping for great summer skirts. I realized, I should probably share with you a round-up of my best finds! These skirts are all office appropriate but still feel fun & fresh for summer.

In completely other random news - I saw Finding Dory a few days ago. It was SO good. I thought I would feel pretty ridiculous going to a kids movie with my group of 20-something year old friends, but I was shocked that the entire theatre was packed with adults haha. I highly recommend checking it out! All I'll say is that the darn sea shell "paths" shot (you'll see what I mean if you watch it) had me tearing up! If you've seen it; please tell me you teared up too. #SuchaSap

To my LLB "regulars": I won't be posting this Friday as I will be taking the day off for Canada Day. I'm actually going on a 3 day camping trip and could not be more excited to relax by a lake & hang out by a campfire. I will be back on Monday July 4th with a summer outfit you won't want to miss! Have a great long weekend everyone!

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5 Tips for Summer Office Wear

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1. Embrace White
Incorporating white into your office wear is the easiest way to make your work outfits fit for summer. A good pair of white pants are a wardrobe staple. I personally love these & these!

2. Add Bold Accent Colors
Summer colors like bright yellow, pink or orange can be work appropriate in small doses. When used as an accent color in a shoe, handbag or even top, any work outfit will feel more suited to the season.  

3. Add Prints & Patterns
While I recommend playing with prints & patterns year round; they are especially important in the summer months. Work outfits can feel drab and prints and patterns are traditionally more playful and fun - just like summer. As you can see from my summer office outfits, I love floral & stripes.
4. Switch to Neutral Basics
Where you would normally wear black - wear white, tan or cream. In other words, switch out those black pencil skirts for tan ones, black pants for white ones, and black heels for nude ones.

5. Add Accessories
Because the summer is traditionally more relaxed - even for work wear - you can get away with wearing bolder accessories than other times of the year. A pair of statement earrings can totally be styled for the office!

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Summer White

White Pants // Loose Blazer // Tank Top // Heels // Similar Handbags (1), (2), (3) // Necklace // Sprinkles Bracelet c/o

I know I *just* styled these pants here on LLB - but I seriously cannot get enough of them! This summer I wanted to challenge myself to be more creative with my office wear; and trying out white pants was a huge leap for me.

Pairing white pants with a pale pink blazer was a no-brainer for me. Pink & white is one of my favorite summer color combinations. This black tassel handbag has also become a go-to for me. I picked it up for $20 on a whim while in Curacao (read all about my trip here if you missed it!) I, therefore, linked up a bunch of similar handbags for you guys to check out.

Have a great weekend everyone! See you back here on Monday.

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Wednesday Wants: Tropical

summer style palm print

summer fashion trends prints

I have been craving all things summer lately. Maybe because it has been the opposite here in Vancouver lately?! haha. Seriously, it has been pouring rain and freezing- ugh!

Luckily, tropical items make me smile no matter how rainy it is outside! I have always been obsessed with palm trees, starfish & anchors. My mom recently found some old school notebooks of mine (from the 3rd grade) and sure enough they are covered with doodles of palm trees haha.

I hope you are all having a great week and that these tropical items bring a smile to your face. I think i'm going to pull the trigger and buy that palm print phone case today.

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The Top 10 Office Wear Essentials

office wear essential items of clothing

~original photo c/o pink pot

Work wear for women is such a unique & interesting area of fashion because of it's comparative 'newness'. What is considered 'work appropriate' has changed so drastically as women have taken over the work force the past few decades and have, in turn, challenged traditional dressing norms. That being said, it can be tough as a young woman to build up your wardrobe of wear-to-work basics. Today I I am bringing you 10 essential items for dressing for the office.

The Top 10 Office Wear Essentials

1. Black Pumps 
best pumps for the office

A comfortable, quality pair of black pumps is a wardrobe staple. You don't need to spend a fortune on pair, but you do need to find ones that are comfortable to you. Check out my Guide to the Best Heels for Work.

2. Well-Fitted Black Blazer
office wear staples

Black blazers are the jeans of the office world. They go with everything. The key is making sure your 'staple' black blazer is an excellent fit on you. The look of a polished blazer makes all the difference in a work day outfit. If you're struggling to find the best cut of blazer for your body, be sure to read my guide on How to Find the Best Blazer.

3. Comfortable Flats
office appropriate flats  

As much as you need good pumps for work, there will always be days where you just want to give your feet a break and wear flats. The good news is that with all the stylish options out there now, you can wear flats and still look completely professional and polished. I recommend sticking with a pointed toe shoe to keep the look professional. Having a black pair (like the one above) and a nude pair (I adore these) is ideal. You can also have fun with your flats. I like these & these to add a bit of drama to your outfit!

4. Nude Pumps
work wear essential nude heels

I firmly believe that if you have a pair of black and a pair of nude pumps you are set to match any work outfit you can come up with. I love the Charles by Charles David pumps above, because the nude color is perfect on my skin tone. There's a ton of great nude pumps out there so you can find one that is actually 'nude' on you. Again, refer to my guide to comfortable heels for work if you need to find a comfy pair!

5. Pencil Skirt 
must have pencil skirt

A black pencil skirt that hits just above the knee is ideal for any office environment. Go for materials with a bit of stretch to give yourself comfort and a flattering fit. There are also great options for wrinkle resistant pencil skirts (this one is a favorite of mine) which are a life saver during busy work weeks!
6. Trench Coat
clothes every working woman should have

A basic tan trench is a classic piece that just does not go out of style. The Burberry (above) is the dream - such an iconic piece - but there are also affordable options that will keep you stylish and professional looking. I love this one (under $100!) and this one (with a hood!).

7. White Button Down (Cotton or Silk)
must have office wear 2016

Many people will say you need the 'classic' white button down shirt - meaning a stiff cotton shirt. In my opinion, you need the look of a white button down - it is timeless afterall - but there is more flexibility today in terms of material. As someone with a larger chest, I constantly face the 'button gap' problem, so I find a silk button down shirt (like this one) to be a better closet staple.

8. Structured Handbag

A structured handbag looks professional with any outfit. One that fits a laptop is essential for work. If you have followed LLB for a while you know that I cannot get enough of this bag - I use it nearly every day for work!

9. Cashmere Sweater
Offices are notorious for being over air-conditioned. A light cashmere sweater will ensure you stay warm but still look professional (leave your baggy hoodie at home!). They also make a great layering piece - I love wearing a plaid or checkered button under a cashmere sweater in the winter.

10. Sheath Dress
what to wear to work with a sheath dress

A black sheath dress is another timeless piece that you can turn to over and over for a classy work day outfit. I love the DVF one (above) but in general, I've also had luck finding sheath dresses at affordable prices at both J Crew Factory & Banana Republic

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The Off-the-Shoulder Top You Need to Own

cold shoulder outfit ideasummer trends tops
white summer blouse

summer fashion trend 2016
rose gold glitter shoes
Top // Shorts // Shoes // Monogram Necklace // Rose Gold Ring 

Taking a break from work wear today to show you an 'off duty' look that I have been loving lately. I have to admit; I bought these Kate Spade glitter keds the moment I saw them. I may be thirty now (yikes by the way!?) but my inner child absolutely refuses to let me give up glitter anytime I can find a way to wear it and still look like an adult.

But I digress. Today what I really wanted to talk about was the off the shoulder shirt trend. This trend is everywhere. Unlike my instant love for my glitter keds, I did not like off-the-shoulder tops... until this one. Off-the-shoulder, as a general trend, does not provide a lot of coverage/support to your chest- a big problem in my books. I also *despise* any clothing that I have to fiddle with or pull at all day long. This style almost always require you to pull (up or down, depending on the shirt) every few minutes in order to keep the shirt sitting where it should.

Not this top. This top is AWESOME. The
thin straps that are added to this top are a definite fashion game changer. They allow the look of a flowy off-the-shoulder sleeve, but the shirt stays in place all day long. I also love the sweetheart cut to the chest - which is much more flattering than the straight across cut of most off-the-shoulder tops. 

What do you all think of the off-the-shoulder trend? And do you think this particular style makes the trend more wearable? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Happy (almost) weekend everyone!

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Wednesday Wants: Summer Prints & Patterns

Summer weather brings a lot of flexibility into what you can wear to work. Prints & patterns that are work appropriate are everywhere (especially this summer). I highly recommend you add some prints to your work day attire. 

Incorporating prints and patterns can make your outfit feel more fun - and more suited to summer. This week's wants are all items that would be great to brighten up your summer wardrobe.

I'm really excited about today! I've got a criminal lawyer's conference tonight that I have been eagerly anticipating for nearly 2 months. The keynote speaker is an incredible district attorney in the states who gave a TED talk on the justice system that I am obsessed with. I am ready to learn a whole lot this evening. I like work days where you know you get to become better at your job and where you get to grow as a professional. Today looks like it will be one of those days!

I hope you all have great work days ahead of you. Thank you (as always!) for stopping by. Be sure to follow me on instagram & like me on facebook to stay in touch!

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Summer in Stripes

Tank Top // Pencil Skirt // Earrings // Heels // Similar Handbags (1), (2) // Matte Lipstick

 I bought this embellished striped pencil skirt last summer and was so excited to wear it again this season. I feel in love with it as soon as I saw the jewel detailing. Because the skirt is a pretty "loud" item, I wanted to keep the rest of my outfit relatively simple. I paired the skirt with my favorite white tank & favorite nude pumps. I went with a pale pink handbag to compliment the pink tones in the jewels. 

Lately I have been opting for a low ponytail hairstyle 9 mornings out of 10. I miss my blowout style, (see my post on how I get a 3 day blowout here if you missed it), but it has been so hot that I just want to pull my hair off my neck. At least a low pony is low maintenance and I can get through my day without worrying about my hair!

Something about this summer weather just makes me feel so much more productive at work. I am happy to get to work early and get stuff done so that I can hit the beach in the evening without worrying. One of my favorite perks about living in Vancouver is being able to go the beach after work. I hope you all have a productive & fun day.

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