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pastel and white outfit

side tie romper

pastel pink handbag with tassel

how to style a romper
white romper for summer

Romper: Forever 21
Necklace: Ever New. Similar: here and here 
Purse: Ever New. Similar: here
 Sandals: Lilly for Target.
Similar (pineapples): here and here

A simple white dress or romper is a closet essential in my books. All summer long you can reach for this item and have an "instant outfit". I loved pairing this white romper with pastels for a soft spring look.

This week was utter madness with tons of work chaos AND I bought an apartment!!!! Craziness. The deal doesn't officially close until June 23rd but it is an accepted offer so hopefully everything runs smoothly from here on out. 

This weekend for me is going to be full of meetings with the home inspector, the real estate agent, and my real estate lawyer. I am beyond excited to get going on this and start day dreaming about decorating the apartment!! Once I actually move in at the end of next month I will definitely be sharing pictures on the blog and on instagram. Have a great weekend everyone, and I'll see you back here on Monday!

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Wednesday Wants

There were SO many items this week that I was absolutely adoring. It was really tough to narrow it down to these choices, but I think these are all great (and affordable!) on-trend summer staples. I just placed an order for the statement necklace and can't wait to pair it with casual tees and white shorts!

Are you guys starting to feel "summer ready" with your accessories and clothes? I am trying to be on a strict budget at the moment, but may have to splurge on those floral heels. I tried them on in store and they are just so pretty!

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Pineapples & Anchors






Tunic: Barbara Gerwit c/o
Sandals: Lilly for Target. I also love these, these &these Sunglasses: Old. Similar: here and here
Rings: Aldo
Bracelets: Aldo & Call it Spring

I am always on the lookout for cute coverups to wear around the pool/beach. I'm anchor obsessed, as you may have noticed, so I instantly fell in love with this Barbara Gerwit tunic cover-up. Fun fact: my friend and I realized that the day we shot these photos I had a total of SEVENTEEN anchors on me haha!

One thing I especially like about Barbara Gerwitt cover-ups are their fit. The slits on the sides go really high up the leg (hence why you would only ever wear this as a cover-up with swimsuit bottoms underneath) which make your legs look SO LONG. Deceptively long. Seriously. See the pic below of my friends and I in Vegas for an example of this!

Hope you all have a great start to the work week. Today after work a friend and I are having a "tourists in our own city" date. Do you guys ever do that? I find it is so easy to not see the "attractions" of your own city, so playing tourist for a day is a great way to get out and do that! This afternoon/tonight we are going to the Capilano Suspension Bridge for the first time. I am both excited, and absolutely terrified! Should be a great evening. Wish me luck! See you back here on Wednesday for this week's Wednesday Wants! 

** Outside our hotel, the Monte Carlo, in Vegas. My legs look freakishly long (i think). Side note: how ridiculously gorgeous are my friends?!?! ** 

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Wednesday Wants



Halfway through the week! I hope you have all had a good week so far. It's been a short one for me since I was in Vegas until late Monday night, but I have been working my butt off since then and so am already looking forward to Friday! Luckily, I am taking some time off tonight to do a yoga class and then watch some tv and drink tea!

Enjoy this week's edition of Wednesday Wants. I've been really into classy dresses lately - hence why there are FOUR in this week's wants! 

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Traveling 101




Maxi Dress: Old Navy 
Denim Jacket: Old. Similar: here and here
Scarf: Aldo (in store) Similar Aldo: here
Hat: Marley Lilly
Purse: Ever New. Similar: here.
Wedges: Jessica Simpson. Similar: here and here

Good morning everyone! As you know if you read my blog or follow me on instagram, I am currently in VEGAS! It has been so amazing so far, and I can't wait to tell you more about it (and post outfit pics!) when I'm back. For today though, traveling to Vegas inspired me to do a "what to wear when traveling" post. Specifically, what to wear when traveling in the warm weather (my tips are different for what to wear in the cold). Anyway, I snapped these pics as we headed to the airport in Bellingham so please excuse the "rushed" quality! Okay, I'll stop babbling now; here are my tips for what to wear/bring while traveling during warm weather:

1. Maxi Dress: 

Growing up I was never allowed to wear sweat pants or lululemons on a plane. My sister is an Air Canada pilot and I was always told that we had to look "nice" while traveling, and couldn't just be in sweats. This was incredibly annoying as a kid, but now I am happy I am in the habit of dressing nicely while traveling. The problem, of course, is that no one wants to be uncomfortable while sitting on a plane for hours at a time. (Side note: I am always amazed when I see people in jeans on a plane.. HOW?! they are so uncomfortable!) When I travel in the warm weather I ALWAYS wear a maxi dress. It looks nice still, but is oh-so-comfortable. I highly recommend a maxi dress when flying.

2. Layers ( a jacket AND a scarf):

Planes are inexplicably always freezing. One key when traveling then is to ensure you are layered up. This means a jacket on top of the maxi dress and a scarf. ALWAYS bring a scarf. In the winter this is easier, but even in the summer I find bringing a light weight summer scarf to be so important. It is great for wrapping around you for added warmth once you're in flight. The scarf I am wearing in these pictures is a perfect summer scarf because it is light weight, and is on trend with the tassels. I also LOVE this scarf for summer.

3. Zip Top Purse:
I will never understand how people bring open totes on a plane. My biggest "requirement" for my traveling outfit is a zip top purse. You often end up having to squish them under your seat and I don't want to worry about any of the contents falling out! This purse is my other "go-to" for traveling. I have it in black and use it every time I travel in the fall/winter.

4. Wedge Heels: 

You need to be able to walk a lot (at least in most airports) so heels are out, in my opinion. I always wear my wedges however, because while you need to be able to walk, I also like to wear shoes that would take up a lot of room if packed. I often travel with carry on (I did for this trip!) so this makes a huge difference for me.

5. Fluffy Socks:

Again, comfort is a priority when traveling, so I always bring a pair of fluffy socks in my purse. That way as soon as I sit down I can take off my wedges and get cozy!

I hope you guys found this helpful! See you back here on Wednesday!

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High Five for Friday #3

Happy Friday! This week I am doing another High Five for Friday recap of 5 great things from my week. Here goes:

Mail Day! 
I have been so spoiled by the mail this week! I received such a lovely birthday gift from my friend Alicia who lives halfway across the world in Samoa. I was so touched by her beautiful card and gifts! I am completely in love with the gorgeous flowers for my hair!

 I also received a package I have been waiting ages for; SUMMER SHOES! I am SO in love with my new wedges and glad I got them just in time for Vegas!
Floral Wedges, here
Rhinestone Wedges, here

2) Booked a Music Video
So, I haven't talked much about it on LegalLee Blonde, but in addition to being a lawyer and a fashion blogger I am a dancer. Of course at this point/age in my life it is more for fun (after years of ballet and jazz training) but I ended up going for an audition a while ago to be a "featured dancer" in a music video, and I found out this week that I got the gig! I am SO excited for it! The music video will be shooting towards the end of the month (and I will tell you then who the artist is!) Stay tuned on instagram for more about this!
Ps. I didn't have a photo to represent this, so here is an old and super creepy dance photo of me playing Scar in a ballet version of The Lion King. 

3) New Book  
I started such a great new book this week. As a criminal lawyer my area of passion has always been youth criminal justice. I really enjoy working with kids and youth. I recently picked up Burning Down the House: The End of Juvenile Prison by Nell Bernstein. It is an extremely interesting look into Juvenile Justice in the United States (where 3x more kids than ANY other developed country are incarcerated - some as young as 10 years old). I am learning a lot so far, and really enjoy it. 

4) Mani/Pedis with a Friend
 Wednesday night my friend Natalia and I went for mani-pedi's in preparation for our Vegas trip. It was great to relax and catch up. We also went for delicious sushi afterwards (cream cheese, smoked salmon and cucumber rolls are my downfall). It was a great night!


5) New Recipes

I have been really trying to cook more and more meals at home, and to eat healthier. As such, I have been trying out a lot of great new recipes lately. I made two meals this week that I just LOVED and have to share them with you guys. You can follow me on Pinterest where I have a board of Healthy Eats! The first recipe I loved this week was Mexican Spaghetti Squash (recipe here)
The second meal was a "Coconut Smoothie Bowl". I don't have a recipe for this one, I just made it up but what I did was: Blend in a blender: 1 frozen banana, 1 cup coconut milk, 1.5 cups spinach, 1 tablespoon vanilla & 1 tablespoon coconut extracted. Pour the smoothie into a bowl and top with: shredded coconut, hemp hearts, chia seeds, dried cranberries, and banana chips. It was SO. FREAKING. GOOD. ... I am actually starting to want one just by writing this haha. Definitely try this out if you are looking for a healthy, filling and easy breakfast!


Phew. That was a lot to say/read! Thanks for staying with me guys. Hope you all had a great week as well. I AM OFF TO VEGAS TODAY AND IN CASE THE CAPITAL LETTERS DON'T TIP YOU OFF, I AM EXCITED. I'll try to post photos on instagram while I'm there!

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Wednesday Wants



Happy Wednesday! As you can see, my obsession with prints and patterns is still going strong (... but seriously, how can you not love that pineapple tee!?)

Hope you all are having an excellent week! I am still recovering from being on the coast for my friend's wedding all weekend! haha. It was a gorgeous weekend, and the wedding was perfect. Luckily, I am taking today to recover and catch up on sleep because I am off to Vegas on Friday!! Be sure to follow along on instagram for pics of my trip!

Lawyered (Tips on Creating the Perfect Office Look)

Curious about the name of today's post? Well, today I am linking up with two other fellow lawyer/fashion bloggers! How cool is that?! I met both Tif and Nina through fashion blogging and love getting discuss both legal practice and fashion with them. Below are the photos of the outfit I decided to wear for this link up: 




Dress: Banana Republic. Very Similar: here
Chinese Laundry
Vintage Chanel. Similar here. Similar style (but affordable) here, here and here
NARS "Audacious Lipstick" in "Anita"

We are linking up today to show you three different "lawyer looks"; ie. outfits perfect for young professionals like ourselves. Without any further ado, let me tell you a bit about this outfit / the things to look for to create a perfect office look!

1) The "Two Tone" look:
This is so flattering. This style dress flatters your body shape, as well as gives the illusion of a two piece outfit (skirt and blouse) without the added bulk of having to tuck in a blouse.

2. Bra Clips:
I included that last photo of the back of the dress to show the fact that you can't see my bra! woohoo! This dress has those little snaps inside the dress straps that you can clip your bra into so that it stays in place. This is a major 'lookout' for me when I am buying dresses for the office. It never looks good when your bra pops out, so I always look for dresses with this feature. Banana republic is pretty good about having them, as are Club Monaco and Esprit.

3. A Statement Necklace:
One of the best ways to keep a business outfit looking youthful and, let's face it, not boring, is to add a statement necklace. You don't want to go too overboard for work, but a statement necklace in a colour coordinated to the top (like this cream one) works perfectly.

4. Hair Style:
Anyone else with long hair find it a complete pain in the butt when it comes to work? I cannot possibly imagine chopping off my long blonde hair, it is too much a part of me! But, I do find that leaving long hair down does not exactly scream "professional". Side braids are thus one of my go to hairstyles, and one I highly recommend for long haired girls. Of course top knots or sleek buns are always great (and I wear them a lot) but sometimes your head just needs a break from the dreaded "pony tail headache" (do you know what I mean? It's the worst!) Thus, a sidebraid keeps your hair down, but keeps it looking tidy.

6. Classic Purse:
Sadly I very rarely actually take a purse to court (... I'm stuck rolling around a giant lawyer brief case- wuh, wuhhh) but if I was to bring a purse; this style would be my go to. Stick with classic shapes and colours for office purses.

Well dearest readers, that's all for me! Thanks for reading such a long post. I hope you found it helpful! Be sure to check out Tif and Nina's blogs to see more of their outfit pics!

See you all again on Wednesday for this week's edition of "Wednesday Wants"!

Mix & Match Fashion








Dress: Charlotte Russe 
Purse: Ever New. Similar: here and here
 Lipstick: Buxom "True Red" 
Shoes: Jessica Simpson   
Bracelet: Handmade gift. Similar: here

I posted this dress in my Wednesday Wants a few weeks back... and I couldn't resist getting it. I love the scallop hem line in the front and the detailing in the back really makes this casual dress pop. One of my go to colour combinations with aqua/mint is pale pink. I love the contrast of the purse with the dress.

I am so excited to be heading over to the Sunshine Coast this morning for my friend Kristi's wedding! We have the rehearsal dinner tonight, and then I'll be sleeping over at the bride's grandparents house before the big day. I am so happy to be so involved with Kristi's wedding, and I am just over the moon for her.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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