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 Shirt: Joe Fresh. Similar: here and here 
Pants: Old. Similar: here and here
Sunglasses: Aldo
Heels: Wenseny Also similar: here
Purse: Call it Spring

I have been rocking a LOT of midi skirts lately so i figured I would break way from that look and go for something more edgy - a black and white print mixed outfit. The key to print/pattern mixing is (1) to use totally different patterns in the same colour family (as I did here) or (2) to go with different colours but of a similar pattern (ex. a pink and blue polka dot top with a black and blue polka dot skirt).

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Wednesday Wants

spring fashion ideas

spring style ideas

Happy Wednesday!! You guys, it is the last week of February!?! Ahh! How the heck did that happen?! My mom has now headed back to Ontario after what seemed like a way-too-short visit! I am however looking forward to spending some down time just reading and watching tv. I am a couple of episodes behind on both Girls and The Mindy Project so catching up on them with a giant cup of tea sounds pretty awesome right now! 
1. J Crew Striped Tee:
I love all things nautical for the summer and I like the addition of the chest pocket on this tee.

2. H&M Bracelet Set:
So cute for spring and summer and super affordable.

3. NARS "Audacious" in "Anita": My friend Bree recently recommended this lipstick. I love the colour, and according to Bree it stays well (no smudging) and despite being a matte is actually not drying at all! So excited to try this for spring.

4. J Crew Gold Dip-Dyed Tote: I just love this tote! What a great shopping around bag! I can totally picture walking down the street with a bunch of tulips sticking out of it.

5. My Heart Belongs to Coffee PJ Set: Haha I got quite the laugh out of this forever 21 pj set. As a coffee addict I figured this is rather perfect.

6. LOFT Striped Chambray Dress: Stripes and chambray are too of my favourite spring trends- so pairing them together in one dress?? Yes please!!

7. Ann Taylor 2-in-1 Top: I LOVED the trend this winter of sweaters with faux shirt tails hanging out, so when I saw this summery version of the same trend I immediately fell in love with it. Such a polished classic item.

2015 Academy Awards Gowns & My Favourite Gowns I've Ever Worn

similar dresses to academy awards
*photos care of Getty Images, Pop Sugar, Steve Granitz/Wire Image & Just Jared. No photos are my own. No copyright infringement intended. 

The. Academy. Awards. Is there anything else being talked about this morning?!?! I am a *huge* fan of the Oscars (having written my own acceptance speech at the ripe old age of 5... I kid you not) and I must say last night's Academy Awards Show may have been my favourite EVER. The fashion, the humor and the important issues being raised were all right on point (... I'll get back to that part in a moment).

First, the FASHION. There were some incredible gowns last night and I wanted to share with you all my personal favourites - as well as WHY I think these gowns worked.

Second, the issues. As a criminal lawyer, I was personally really excited to hear mention of the incarceration in the US. Jail isn't a "Sexy" issue, so it's not something that gets (in my opinion) the media attention it deserves. It is, however, a huge problem in the US (and in Canada). Did you know that the US incarcerates more YOUTH than any other country in the WORLD?! It's so sad. If this is an issue that interests you in the slightest I HIGHLY recommend you watch Frontline's "Locked Up in America" episode Prison State. I also recommend watching Gideon's Army - an amazing documentary on public defender's in America. It completely changed my outlook on the criminal justice system and has a continuing impact on my career. It's SO interesting.

Ok, total-lawyer-geek-moment is over now. Back to my favourite gowns:

1. Chloe Grace Moritz:

chloe grace moritz academy awards dress similar - knock off

 I absolutely ADORED this Miu Miu dress on Chloe. It is getting quite mixed reviews in the "fashion world" but I think it was the perfect choice for her. Often the young actresses at awards shows look silly to me - like they are playing dress up in their mom's clothes. The straight across strapless neckline and pattern to this dress make it far more youthful than your average red carpet dress, which I think fixes this problem entirely and makes Chloe shine as a young celebrity. And don't even get me started on the pockets... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! I love pockets in any dress, but with this especially it added an element of "laid back" and cool, that would have looked ridiculous on a more senior actress but worked really well with someone her age.

Similar Dress: herehere and here

2. Nancy O'Dell
black one shoulder ruffle gown
A black dress is ALWAYS a timeless look. The intense ruffles to this stunning Gauri & Nainika dress add just enough glamour to bring this dress from plain LBD, to red-carpet worthy. If you are wanting a black dress for your big event (prom, formal, etc.) make sure it has something that is a bit dramatic in order to take your dress from every day to extra special.

SIMILAR DRESS: here and here

3. Anna Kendrick
dresses similar to anna kendrick academy awards

prom dress ideas

What a perfect colour on her!! The peachy tones really complement her fair but rosy skin tone and auburn hair. To me this dress really 'worked' because of the simple accessories silver/diamond rings and earrings) and the fact that her hair was pulled up to ensure a complete view of the stunning collar.

SIMILAR DRESS: here and here

4. Julie Andrews


In addition to being quite possibly the most talented, classy lady EVER, Julie Andrews just nailed her outfit. The dark blue is a perfect colour compliment to her dark blonde hair and blue eyes, and the Necklace hanging down into the slight of her top drew attention to this unique detail of the outfit (the slit). Such a win.

My Own Fancy Dresses:

1. Periwinkle Sweetheart
ball gown prom dress ideas

prom dress ideas
SIMILAR DRESS: here, here, and here

I wore this dress to my sister Rachel's wedding last summer. I am still in love with it, and consider it my "princess" dress. The sweetheart neckline is great for *cough* chest-y *cough* girls like myself, and the tightness just to the natural waist is a flattering fit on my hip-y body type. I love the perwinkle colour and the layer of chiffon that goes all the way around except the slit up the one leg is such a unique detail.  (ps. the last pic is me trying it on in the change room so please excuse the bra strap that is showing, and the lack of any sort of styled hair or makeup!) 

2. Royal Blue Sequined 
prom dress ball gown ideas

prom dress ideas

wedding hair
SIMILAR DRESS: herehere, here and here

 I wore this dress to my law school "prom" in April 2013. This dress is actually one I borrowed from my mom's closet!! I love the royal blue colour (so dramatic) and the interesting sequins throughout the top of the dress. Given the intensity of the dress, I felt that an up-do was necessary as was a bold red lip.

Thank you all for reading! Hope you enjoyed this post!!

Fashion & Beauty Tricks (aka. life hacks)

For a little something different today I wanted to do a post on my top 5 fashion & beauty "tricks". I show you so many of my office looks - the outfits, the hair and the makeup. What I thought you may be interested in is the little 'life hacks' I use to get these looks quickly and easily. Ie. The little tricks I've found that help me out in terms of my beauty and fashion.

I've got five key tricks (...for now!) that make my beauty routine and my 'outfit selection' easier. I hope these tips help you out! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

1) Make a List of Work Outfits:

fashion trick list work outfitsMy friend Natalia actually told me about doing this, and oh my gosh has it ever been a huge help in cutting down my time in the mornings! Growing up I always heard "lay out your outfits the night before" but seriously, as a fashion lover, who the heck can do that!?! My fashion is entirely dictated by my mood so I definitely can't pick something out the night before. This, however, is totally different. 

Spending 20 minutes one day writing a list of outfits I can make from my wear-to-work wardrobe means I have a bunch of ideas of outfits already picked out, but, I still have choice in the morning as I can pick off of this 10 outfit list (..and cross them off when I'm done so I don't wear the same outfit again in the two week period). Such a simple but awesome fashion trick! 

2) Glitter Tip Nails:
makeup and beauty tips and ideasShhhh.. don't tell anyone that these "i-look-like-i-just-got-my-nails-done" nails are actually my totally lazy way of extending my manicure. Whenever my nail polish starts chipping at the tips I just put glitter polish on the tips and voila! Fresh nails that people always compliment! You may have noticed these nails in my outfit posts here & here.

3) Phone Log:

how to keep an organized wardrobe
Something I always do when I have a particularly "tough to match" item of clothing or home decor, is snap a picture on my IPhone so that when I'm shopping and think I see something that would work with it, I can check the colours, details, etc. in the picture with the item in the store and make sure it matches.

4) Heat Your Eyelash Curler:
beauty tips and tricksI have naturally long eyelashes, which is great, but they are pin straight. There is zero curl to them at all, and after years of eyelash curling to no avail I discovered this little trick. Regular eyelash curling curls my eyelashes for an hour or so, and that's it. Heating the eyelash curler a bit before curling makes them stay curled all day. Win!
*If you try this yourself please be very careful!! You can burn yourself if you heat the curler for too long.

5) Separate Everyday Makeup and Other Makeup:

how to keep your makeup organized
Anyone else's makeup drawers a disaster? Mine looked like a Sephora fulled tornado and a MAC hurricane had a makeup baby. Rough. Then, I realized that most makeup in my drawer I used once a week or less. So, I cleaned out my drawer so that only the items I use everyday are in it, with all other makeup stored in makeup bags beneath my sink. 

This keeps my makeup drawer less messy, with my makeup easier to find when I'm rushing out the door in the morning. Also, I sometimes forget the makeup I have in my bags and thus get excited when I find say a red lipstick I totally forgot about. It's like getting new makeup haha. 

Wednesday Wants

wednesday wants

Happy Wednesday Everyone! How is everyone's week going? My mom got in to town last night (visiting from Ontario) so I am taking this whole week off to just spend some time with her. I am so excited! Today is our first real day together (she flew in late last night) and boy-oh-boy have I jam packed it with stuff haha. Were just about to head off for a morning walk along the sea wall, then were going to go for Brunch, go shopping on Robson St., explore Gastown, and finally have dinner reservations! Phew! Fellow Vancouver-ites out there: any recommendations of things I must do with my mom!?!

1. YSL Lipstick: I have been DYING to try this lipstick. I have read so many great reviews from other bloggers, but have yet to find a colour I like. ...That is until I came across "blond ingenu" it is the perfect neutral colour! Can't wait to pick this one up.

2. Isola Ankle Boots: How great are these boots?! I think these are the PERFECT transitional boot from winter to spring. The colour and cut will look great with spring outfits (think white denim, lots of pastel colours) but will still keep your feet warm and toasty for those 'not-so-spring-feeling' days.

3. Pop the Champagne Tee: Love the slogan, love the gold foil. Awesome graphic tee. 

4. Target Sunglasses: I am loving mirrored sunglasses right now, BUT, I refuse to buy sunglasses that cost more than $30 because I am the WORST at losing/breaking/somehow destorying sunglasses. These are right on trend and are only $17!

5. JCrew Cotton Tee in "Orchid": I basically LIVE in these tissue tees from JCrew Factory. They are so comfortable and just the right fit of "not too tight, but not too baggy". I think I have 5 of them so far haha. Definitely want to add this beautiful orchid colour one to my collection for spring! If you haven't worn these tees, do yourself a favour and buy one (...or five...)

6. London Graphic Tee: I heart London;  Princess Kate, Fish & Chips, Tea Time, Prince Harry.... I need this tee.

7. JCrew Neon Sleeveless Blouse: THIS COLOUR! Epic!

8. Ralph Lauren Necklace: Love the gold and turquoise combo, and I like that it's a smaller statement necklace (...anyone else think that statement necklaces are getting out of hand lately?! sometimes they literally take up your whole chest!)

How To Wear Midi Skirts in the Winter

how to style a midi skirt for winter

rose gold details

how to wear a midi skirt in winter

how to style a skirt in winter

how to transition outfits winter to spring

sweater and skirt outfit

everyday fashion and makeup

affordable accessoriesSweater: J Crew Factory. Similar: here
Skirt: ASOS
Heels: Charles by Charles David
Purse: Material Girl. Similar: here
Lipstick: MAC "pink nouveau"
Earrings: Forever 21. Similar: here and here

Am I the only one DYING to wear all the cute new spring clothes I keep seeing in stores/ on blogs?! No? Didn't think so. It's SO TEMPTING! So, for today's post I wanted to show a way to wear one of my absolute favourite spring trends - midi skirts - in a way that works for winter! Hope you like it!

My main "tips" to winter-ize this spring trend are: 1) pair your skirt with a heavier knit top 2) stick with midi skirts in heavier materials - no chiffon just yet! 3) stick with midi skirts in either darker colours or patterns (like this lovely brocade!)

Have a great Monday everyone!! What are you all up to for the start of the work week?!

ps. Congratulations to Alison who won the bootcuff giveaway! I hope you enjoy em'. Huge thanks to everyone who entered - stay tuned for another giveaway next month!

Valentine's Day

pink on pink outfit
outfit of the day valentines

pink skirt pink top

pink outfit accessories
pink on pink outfit

valentine outfit idea

outfit spring pink

bright pink lipstick

pink lipstick blonde
LegalLee Blonde
 Top // Skirt // Similar Necklaces: here & here
// Heels // Similar Clutches: here & here //


Yay for Valentine's Day!!!! I LOVE mixing two shades of the same colour for an outfit, and this pink on pink look is possibly one of my favourite outfits ever. I can't wait to wear this outfit for Valentine's Day tomorrow.

I am so single right now, and I have been asked on more than one occasion this month why I would love Valentine's day if I'm single. It's simple. Valentine's day is all about LOVE. As the human equivalent of puppy (soooo much love to give) I friggin' love any day where I can shower my friends and family with love without anyone telling me I'm a mushy dork- It's like my one day to go all out on the love-fest.

I really don't care that I'm not seeing anyone this Valentine's day. I am so excited for a day of FaceTiming all my little nieces and nephews, and a night hanging with all my single friends. So awesome. To all my single gals out there - don't let anyone tell you Valentine's Day isn't for you; get out there and tell everyone you love how awesome they are and have a great day! Xoxoxo

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