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On Me
Coat: BCBGeneration Similar: here
Leggings: Lululemon
Boots: Sorel

On Maia
Sweater Dress: Joe Fresh
Mittens: Columbia
Boots: Old. Similar here

How insanely adorable is my niece Maia?! For today's post Maia decided to "play fashion blogger" with Auntie Leeanne, which was basically the cutest thing ever. Maia and I decided for our "co-post" to show off our favourite winter gear. I love, love, love my Sorel's - they are so worth the cost as they are totally comfortable and keep your feet toasty warm. As for my winter coat, I wanted my "winter-iest" coat to (clearly) keep me super warm ... but without the typical "marshmallow" look. I love this coat because it combines that marshmallow puff with a heavy knit material for a super interesting contrast.

I will definitely be sporting this outfit this weekend as I am headed up to Whistler for a girls trip! I am so excited to go snowboarding on Saturday (first time this year!) and then on Sunday the girls and I are having a spa day at the amaaaazing Scandinave spa. I am so looking forward to it! Hope you all have a great weekend in store as well!!

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Wednesday Wants

1. Anchor Jewelry Tray: I am anchor obsessed (delta gamma alum!) so I adore this little jewelry tray. It's a great price too!

2. Tory Burch Earrings: These are so classy and summery. I just want to wear these with a white sundress and oversized sunnies (...can you tell i'm dreaming of summer?!)

3. TOMS Wedge Booties: I'm glad TOMS has added this bootie to their line up. Cute, practical and helping out a cause. triple win in my books.

4. Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch: You may remember from this post, that I am full on obsessed with rose gold. I have been looking for a rose gold watch and I love this MK one. 

5. Over the Knee Boots: I finally wore my previous pair of OTK boots to death (after 3 seasons of wear) so I am in the market for a new pair! OTK boots are so versatile and I love the mixed media and gold detailing on these Aldo ones. 

6. ASOS Pink Midi Skirt: I actually posted this skirt in Wednesday Wants a few weeks back, but I am posting it again here because a) I still love it and b) it's gone on sale and is now UNDER $25!! Score!!

7. Front & Back Earrings:
I have been wanting a pair of this new style of earring since my friend Natalia showed up wearing a pair this weekend. They are so chic and a nice way to bring a 'trend' to an outfit without going overboard. 

8. Lulu's Dress: I love me an off white dress. The black trim and assymetrical hem on this are such a cool touch. I want to wear this with a leather jacket and ankle booties.

Suited up

office wearinterview outfit
office appropriate makeup

work outfit idea
work outfit idea
how to style a womens suit

heels for the office

Suit Jacket: Banana Republic
Suit Pants: Banana Republic
Similar Suit here
Banana Rep, sold out. I also LOVE this BR Paris one
Heels: Old. Similar: here and here
Necklace: Old. Similar: here and here
Lipstick: MAC in "5 Alarm"

As a  lawyer I don't get a lot of room to be creative with my work outfits so when I came across this subtle pinstripe suit, I knew I had to have it. It meets my "strict" work outfit criteria, but the feminine fit and subtle pinstripe make it a bit more fun. The other way I add my own style to my constrictive dress code is with printed tops. They are the BEST way to add some fun and personality if you have to work in an office. I love this tank from Banana Republic that shows the London skyline. I went to London in 2011 on a Euro trip with my best friend and totally fell in love with the city (...aside from the whole not running into Prince Harry thing, which I am still sorely disappointed about! :P)

I hope the above ideas help any of you readers who, likewise, are stuck with a more strict office wear dress code in your daily life! Have a great start to the work week everyone! Be sure to follow me on Bloglovin!

Canadian Cozy

how to dress for winterwinter fashion idea
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cute and cozy style

winter style

canadian winter fashion
Hat: Roots, Available in Store. Similar: here
Long Sleeve Shirt: Old Navy (only $8!!)
Cardigan: Roots, Available in Store. Similar: here
Leggings: Lululemon
Boots: Call it Spring
Nail Polish: Essie "A-List"

I am so over this winter weather. Luckily, I am not over cute winter outfits, and that is seriously helping me put up with the temps. I love this cozy Roots outfit, not only do I feel warm but also super Canadian. I usually pair this coordinating toque and cardigan look with a shirt in similar hues. The red, dark and light grey fair isle of this Old Navy shirt is perfect!

Hope you all have fun weekend plans ahead! I have dance performances all weekend (...yup, in addition to being a lawyer and a fashion blogger, I also perform with a jazz/hip-hop dance team) so fingers crossed that they go well!

Wednesday Wants

Happy Wednesday everyone! My good friend Kristi is getting married this May and I spent this past weekend visiting her and going to a wedding show. Almost everything is ready for the wedding EXCEPT she needs her accessories! She mentioned to me this weekend the challenge of finding wedding accessories that are not completely cheap (read: tacky and breakable), but that are affordable. Of course I couldn't hear that and not go on my own search. I decided, therefore, to dedicate today's Wednesday Wants to Kristi. Of course, many of these items are just flat out awesome items that could be worn in every day life, so be sure to check them all out!

Here's a brief summary of why I picked the above items. Kristi's "wants" for her accessories are:
- no necklace
- bracelet and earrings

- preferably a cuff bracelet
- bracelet can't "jingle"
- heels
- Blue incorporated into either the jewelry or the heels
- affordable, but long-lasting / good quality

P.S. Wedding item hunting is super duper fun. Can I pretty please retire and just plan weddings all day!?!?

1. Diamond Cuff Bracelet: This stunning bracelet would add a killer amount of sparkle and is under $100. If sparkle is what you are going for, this bracelet nails it.

2. Diamond & Sapphire Tennis Bracelet:
I love, love, love diamonds and dark sapphire's together. They feel extremely royal to me (Princess Diana and Kate Middleton are probably to blame for that!) so I love them together for weddings. This tennis bracelet screams elegance to me.

3. Navy Steven Madden Strappy Heels: Kristi is going for a "rustic enchanted forest" wedding theme, so I like the idea of suede shoes instead of the typical satin. Suede feels like a more natural, 'rustic' choice.

Royal Blue Badgley Mischka Heels: For the standard satin blue wedding shoe, these are the bomb. Badgley Mischka shoes are high quality, durable and I found these for wayyy under their usual cost- only $134.

5. MAC Lipstick: Just had to throw this in here. I am in LOVE with this lipstick in the "japanese maple" shade. It is the perfect neutral which I think would look great on Kristi for her wedding. Anyone looking for a long lasting, non-dry/flakey lipstick in a neutral, do yourself a favour and get this!

6. 1/4 Carat Diamond Studs:
You can't get more classic than diamond studs. They are an investment, of course, but you'll never get sick of wearing diamond studs- they are literally the most versatile piece of jewelery you could own. I definitely would recommend to any bride to consider investing in a pair. Given budget concerns I found this pair which are a great deal - $225 for 1/4 carat studs.

7. Blue Gem Bracelet:
Such an elegant item. The detailing and pale blue colour seem "enchanted" to me, so I had to include it as a potential item for this "rustic enchanted forest" themed wedding.

8. Laura Mercier Blush:
THIS BLUSH. Seriously this is the greatest blush of all time. I adore this pale pink shade and the slight colour it gives is perfect for a subtle wedding look.

9. Blue Topaz & Diamond Drop Earrings:
I think Kristi is leaning towards studs for her wedding, but for anyone wanting drop earrings I cannot get over these bad boys. I love the colour blocking.

10. Blue Topaz & Diamond Accent Studs:
A gorgeous, simple, classic stud that just adds a subtle amount of blue.

11. Estee Lauder Foundation:
I recently started using this foundation and I am obsessed. It actually provides completely even but still natural looking coverage AND lasts all day (.. and I mean allll day which includes me running around the courthouse like a chicken with my head cut off for 8 hours).

Polka Dots & Tulle

how to style a tulle skirt

how to wear a tulle skirt

how to wear a midi skirt

how to wear a tutu skirt
quick easy hair stylehow to style a white skirt

how to wear polka dots
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quick hair do for blonde hair
ways to wear a hair bow

Skirt: Anthropologie (mine is last year, this years is linked)
Polka Dot Cardigan: Old. Similar:here and here
Heels: Ivanka Trump 
Bow: Old. Similar: here
Earrings: Natural Pearls. Similar: here
Lipstick: Yves Saint Laurent in "Red Indocile"

This might be the most fun outfit I’ve ever worn. I seriously just want to spin & dance around constantly while in this gorgeous tulle skirt!! I have noticed tulle skirts gaining in popularity, so I wanted to do a post on them. They may seem a bit intimidating (…aren’t I going to look ridiculous walking around in public in that?!) but trust me they are actually super fun to style and I get stopped and complimented on this skirt every time i wear it out!

The key to wearing a tulle skirt is to wear something very fitted on top (to balance the poofy-ness of the skirt) and, unless you have Victoria’s Secret model legs (*sigh*) wear some highhhhh heels to elongate your legs.

My favourite ways to wear tulle skirts are to play up the girlie 1950’s vibe (like I did here) or to combine this super feminine item with something masculine (think pleather or denim). I will do another post in the next few weeks to show you an example of styling it like that!

Do you all guys have any fun plans for this weekend? I am heading over to the Sunshine Coast (small coastal island near Vancouver) to visit my good friend Kristi who lives there. Kristi recently got engaged so we are going to a wedding show on Saturday! I am sooooo excited to spend time with her and check out all the wedding ideas!!!

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Wednesday Wants

Secret Santa Recap!

secret santa gift exchange

I wanted to share with you lovely readers some fun I had over this holiday season. This Christmas some of my favourite fashion bloggers/instagram'ers and I did a secret santa gift exchange!! It was great to connect with a group of some of the most fashionable, kindest ladies you could ever meet; and getting to know them more through their blogs was so much fun! Today the 7 of us decided to do a little "recap" and show you guys what gifts we sent & received. Enjoy!

The fashionistas involved in this Secret Santa were:
Emily from I Do Declare

Heather from A Little Casual
Jillian from Cup of Charisma
Jolene @morningcuppajo on Instagram
Tiff from Bright on a Budget
Vanessa from What Would V Wear 

and of course me, Lee! 

collaboration what would v wear

I drew the fabulous Vanessa and was SO excited to pick out a gift for her! For those of you who don't know Vanessa, not only is she stylish but she is the accessory QUEEN. Seriously. So for her gift, OF COURSE I had to go with accessories! 

fashion blogger collaboration
plaid hair bow
Pillows old. similar: here 

I got Vanessa this necklace from H&M and these KICK BUTT sunglasses from Le Chateau (that I am holding up in the above photo!) I had a blast picking these out for her! 

delicious christmas treats and wrapping
As the only Canadian in the secret santa group, I *clearly* had to rep my country as well, so I went with the most Canadian Christmas card I could find as my card for Vanessa. Isn't it the cutest!?

Unfortunately due to ridiculousness with the post office, my secret santa present from the lovely Emily hasn't arrived yet, so I can't show you any pics :(  Be sure to follow me on instagram though, as I will show a pic once I get my gift!

Be sure to check out the rest of the girls blogs to see what gifts they selected and received!

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Stripes & Statements

how to style stripes
glitter heelshow to style a statement necklacehow to wear a bright blazer
Blazer: Old. Similar: here
Turtleneck: Old Navy
Jeans: Old Navy
Necklace: Old. Similar: here

Happy Friday!!! One of my favourite looks is combining stripes, a dash of red, and a statement necklace. The combination always comes out classic and polished. Such a win!

Do you guys have fun plans for this weekend? I am SO excited for tonight; my best friend Sarah is moving to Australia in a couple weeks (sad!) so tonight my friend Natalia and I are hosting a going away party for her! The party is going to be so much fun. We made up a game called "the Great Australian Lingo challenge" where we will be giving Sarah random slang and seeing if she can guess it (and if she can't she has to take a drink). We also spent all of last night making a massive cake!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Wednesday Wants



Bow topped Beanie

Okay, so this week's Wednesday Wants may *slightly* reveal
my current obsessions right now: Bows, Rose Gold and Midi Skirts! haha Enjoy everyone, and have a great Wednesday!

1. Pink Midi Skirt: I love the versatility of this piece - perfect for winter worn with a cream sweater, but also perfect for spring paired with pastels!
2. Rose Gold Bow Bracelet: Obsessed. I love Rose Gold and this bow is so elegant. 

3. Owl Mug: I rarely post non-clothing items but this mug was WAY too cute not to share. I should tell you all that I have a mug addiction - I love collecting fun mugs.

4. Lace Dress: This cut and this colour together create the perfect chic & classy dress.

5. Jacquard Midi Skirt:
Love the tiny bows at the waist line. Such a perfect piece for any fancy day event - brunches, high tea, meeting the boyfriend's parents (eek!)

6. Bow topped Beanie:
Kate Spade, you get me. This is the cutest ever.

7. Jetsetter Sweater: As a travel addict, I can't help but swoon over travel related items. I want to wear this with cozy ripped skinny jeans and ankle boots on my next flight!

8. Yellow Mini Skirt: LOVE this bold colour. Paired with a blue and white striped tee this would be so cute!
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