Fall Chic - Floppy Hats and Over the Knee Boots


Similar Hat // Similar Cardigans: herehere & here // Tank Top // Leggings // Similar Boots // Nail Polish
// Similar Purses: here & here

I love, love, love fall style. I have seen a lot of posts on fashion blogs lately focusing on casual fall style (lots of plaid, scarves and puffer vests) so I wanted to do something different and show how I dress when I want a slightly dressier fall look. Hats are "in" right now, and they have a way of dressing up any outfit. I love this black felt one from Le Chateau. Over the knee boots, in my opinion, do the same thing. Together they are a simple, easy way to create a chic fall look.

The boots in these photos are actually one of my all-time favorite items. In the summer of 2012 I did a ridiculous euro-trip with my best friend, and then decided to end it by meeting my mom in Italy and spending a week with her. My mom and I traveled through Venice, Florence and Rome. We basically just spent a week doing wine tours, eating pasta and, of course, shopping! 

We found these suede boots at a little boutique in Rome and my mom was wonderful enough to get them for me as a present. These boots are (clearly) so stunning, but also so important to me because of the memories attached to them. Are your favourite closet items your favourites because of memories as well??

Wednesday Wants 8

Alright Wednesday, you have some seriously high expectations to live up to... Tuesday set the bar pretty frickin high. Yesterday was just the sweetest day - first and foremost, AIR CANADA FOUND MY BAG! Can you believe it!? Almost a full month later and I receive a call saying my bag has been found and it will be sent to me tomorrow. I am in shock. Secondly, I met with my new boss yesterday and started reviewing the files for my first trials (which are Monday and Tuesday of next week). All the other Crowns are so friendly, and my cases are so, so, cool. I can't wait!

So now Wednesday has to live up to this awesomeness. Bring it Wednesday! Hope you all have a great day! (...and if you don't, hopefully these Wednesday Wants will make your day better! :) )

1. Kate Spade Watch: I. am. swooning. Kate Spade would be the one to think of a watch with a gold sequin strap. This is just the cutest thing. Perfect for the holiday season.

2. Quilted Panel Leggings: These Nordstrom leggings are so chic - we are seeing so much pleather this season and I like this slight variation on the trend. The quiliting and the placement really make these leggings a great fall piece.

3. Tunic: Every girl needs a cute tunic for fall. The weather requires layers (and here in Vancouver, boots) so a tunic that can be styled with leggings and boots, a coat or vest and a scarf is necessary. This monochromatic tunic has just enough detailing to be chic on it's own, but to still be versatile enough to wear with a number of different vests or fall scarves. Go get this tunic, you won't regret it!

4. Chambray Shirt Dress: I have been searching for a chambray shirt dress for ages, and this one is the perfect shade/shape AND has an awesome price tag. I can't wait to wear this with riding boots and my plaid blanket scarf.

5. Gold Overlay Skirt: This is just the COOLEST skirt.. am I right?! How unique! I have nothing to say about this as it clearly speaks for it's stylish self.

6. City Girl Flats: I am obsessed with these flats or 'driving loafers' if you will. They also have a pair with "southern belle" on them and I can't decide which I like better. The city girl though is definitely me right now and I am dying to traipse around Vancouver in these!

Leopard Print for Work

Turtleneck // Similar Pencil Skirts: herehere // Similar Ankle Boots // Similar Necklace

Monday morning definitely seems like the time to post a fun work look. Who doesn't need a little something in their Monday outfit to make them smile?! I love leopard print this season, and finding a way to incorporate this bold print into a work appropriate look has been on my mind for weeks. I finally did it with this outfit. 

The key to incorporating a dramatic piece for work is to keep everything else extra traditional and conservative. Matching a comfy black turtleneck with this skirt and wearing black tights with ankle boots did the trick. Whenever I wear a turtleneck I also can't help but put a statement necklace on top so I went with this dark red bauble necklace to compliment the leopard print.

Tonight I have a "women in leadership" event and I think it is going to be really great. There is a keynote speech and the opportunity to learn from a bunch of women who are successful in their various fields. Now, I have to figure out what to wear! wish me luck! haha

Wednesday Wants 7: SHOES, SHOES, SHOES

Happy Wednesday everyone! I *may* have a bit of a footwear obsession, so today's Wednesday Wants is alllllll about the footwear. Enjoy!

1. Michael Kors Riding Boots: These are the BOMB. Possibly my new favourite basic boot. 

2. Steve Madden Nude Pumps: I've been looking everywhere for a basic pair of nude pumps. Found em! 

3. Sole Society Plaid Flats: Ahhhh I ADORE plaid.. and plaid on shoes?! yes please! I can't wait to wear these with navy ankle dress pants! 

4. H&M Scallop Trim Pumps: This scallop detailing is gorgeous! It makes these pumps look so elegant and far pricier than they actually are! These give off an "old hollywood" vibe to me, so I can't wait to style them as such! 

5. Tory Burch Booties: Ummmm yes. Classic. 

6. Sole Society Boots: I LOVE these boots. The height is perfect, the colour is a neutral, and the shape is flawless. I have big calves so boots like this that are a bit roomier I just adore!

Nerd Alert (and how to rock a big statement piece)

Shirt: DKNYC
Leggings: lululemon
Call it Spring
Glasses: Claires
Old. Similar: here and here

As you can see from the first photo (... if you haven't realized this by now haha) I am a total goofball and a pretty big nerd. In fact, when I was a kid my brother's nickname for me was "Nerd Alert". I have always kind of loved being a nerd and when I saw these accessory glasses I nearly died. They are so nerdy, so goofy and so much fun. 

The key to wearing any dramatic statement piece (... and I would say rhinestone glasses are that) is to keep the rest of your outfit simple. I went with a monochromatic black, grey and tan colour scheme. I absolutely love this shirt from DKNYC. The asymmetrical hemline adds such a unique element to a simple tunic. And, the best part, this whole outfit is quite possibly the comfiest thing ever! I cannot recommend this DKNYC shirt enough.

Hopefully my little burst of nerdy-ness helps you channel your inner nerd and take the start of the work week by storm! Happy Monday Ya'll!

Transitioning: Summer Maxi dresses for the Fall

Happy Friday everyone! When it comes to your wardrobe something I hear a lot of questions about is how to transition pieces from season to season. It definitely sucks to only wear your clothes in only one season (not to mention it's expensive!) so I am a huge fan of creating outfits that utilize other season's pieces. In light of this, today's post is on one of my favourite 'transition tricks'- wearing a summer maxi dress in the fall!

Last summer maxi dresses were HUGE so I am sure most of you have one (...or five) in your closet. Ones that are sheer or gauzy fabrics are better left for summer, but ones made of cotton make an excellent fall piece! By pairing a maxi dress with a fall jacket, boots and a scarf you instantly have a fresh fall outfit. Adding a scarf is KEY as many (most?) maxi dresses have lower cut/summery necklines so use a scarf to hide that. (This particular maxi has a super deep V-neck, but you would never know!)

I hope you guys are ready for the weekend, I know I certainly am! While I have to work each day this weekend, I do have fun evening plans to keep me going. Tonight I have a friend's birthday party and tomorrow night I am SO excited to have my sorority (delta gamma) alumni gala!!! I am going to be wearing a stunning fall dress made by a Delta gamma alumnae fashion designer! Follow me on instagram for photos of that! Xoxo.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

 Plaid Shirt // Pants // Similar Boots: here & here // Similar Purse // Similar Necklace

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! To my American readers, I have not lost my mind I swear! Today is Canadian Thanksgiving. In honour of Thanksgiving I had to rock my pumpkin buying outfit. I adore this plaid shirt from Joe Fresh, it's the perfect colour combo! Wearing it with cognac coloured accessories just felt so fall to me.

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays (after Halloween). I love that the atmosphere is so much more relaxed than Christmas and so much more about relaxing and bonding than spending money on gifts. I also really love the reminder to take some time to reflect on the things we have in life that we should be appreciative of. This year especially I am really thankful for the great friends I have that have helped me through a year of big life changes. By that same token, I am grateful for even having the privilege and opportunity to make life changes such as moving across the country! 

Also, I am thankful to all of you who are reading this!! In the 5 weeks I have now been blogging I have learned so much and had so much support and kind words from you guys! I am thrilled that I am getting a couple hundred page views a day and seriously cannot thank you all enough!

Today Sarah and I are going to do some fun fall activities and I could not be more excited. I hope you are all having a great holiday Monday and are getting to relax and enjoy all the fun that October has to offer!

Rain, rain... you're okay!

Similar Rainboots // Anchor pendant // Rings // Lipstick in "Relentlessly Red"

Photo Cred: LS Photography

Happy almost long weekend everyone!!!

It is a bit of a rainy/gloomy Friday here in Vancouver but I am A-Ok with that because my rainy day attire is so fun. I think every girl should have a pair of rain boots that make them feel a bit more glad about a rainy day. These Hunters are SO cute, and such a steal at only $89 at Winners! I'm also wearing one of my favourite blazers, a cherry red one, as bright colours are always warranted on gloomy days and I love the combination of red and leopard print! 

We are only a few hours away from Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and I could not be more excited! Unfortunately I won't be seeing my family (as they live back in Ontario) but I will be going to my best friend Sarah's family's home for a thanksgiving dinner on Sunday night. Then on Monday Sarah and I are going to go to a pumpkin patch/winery that is right near her parent's house. Pumpkin patch AND winery.... seriously?! That may just be the most exciting combination ever!

What are your Thanksgiving weekend plans? (...or for my American followers, just your weekend plans?) Lots of fall events I hope! Whatever you are doing this weekend I hope you get out and enjoy it.. and if it's rainy I hope you rock a bright, makes-you-happy outfit!

Wednesday Wants 5: Starting From Scratch

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today's Wednesday Wants is (unexpectedly) a slightly different Wednesday Wants. Given my new found lack of clothing (you can read about that here if you don't know the story) I decided to do a Wednesday Wants of some essential items every woman should have in their closet. From knee high flat boots, to denim. Enjoy! 

1.Gold Glitter Flats: A pair of cute comfy flats is a staple for every wardrobe. I actually went out last night and purchased these. They are adorable and such a good deal (less than $20!!)

2. Tory Burch Riding Boots: A pair of quality leather boots can be dressed up or down and worn pretty much all fall and winter. I have had my eye on these Tory Burch ones for a while now. 

3. Call it Spring Heeled Mid-Calf Boots: A mid-calf boot is a nice change from the common to the knee height.. and it is SUPER duper flattering (yayyy for making legs look longer!) A black heeled boot is the perfect go to. 

4. Citizens of Humanity Skinny Jeans: My most worn item of clothing by far is skinny jeans. These ones from CoH have a higher rise (better for anyone over the age of 13 I think!) and are buttery soft. win. 

5. Talula Long Sleeve Dress: A simple dress that can be dressed up or down is another essential of mine. This dress is perfect for this as it can be dressed up with heels and statement jewelery or dressed down with leggings and boots. I also love this emerald colour. 

6. Express Plaid Top: Everybody needs one top they just adore. Whether that means pleather or bows or neon accents, you need to find one fun top that works for you. I saw this top yesterday and literally RAN to buy it. Plaid AND glitter?! I'm in clothing heaven. This top also fits the 'essential' role for me because it can be worn with jeans but is also just long enough to cover my butt and thus passes the "can be worn as a tunic with leggings" test.

Bad Ass Girlie



 Shirt: Ever New
Pleather Leggings: Similar: here
Heels: Ivanka Trump 
Purse: Similar: here
Lipstick: MAC "Candy Yum-Yum"

Photo Cred: LS Photography (my friend Lydia is the bomb!)

My absolute, most favourite look of all time is to mix a piece that I consider bad ass (.. or "bad A" as my best friend and I say in front of her two little girls) with a piece that is very girlie. For me, this usually amounts to mixing faux leather or metallic or studs with something pink, with bows or with ruffles. This outfit is my perfect bad ass girlie look. I ADORE these pleather leggings from The Bay. Every time I wear these I instantly feel more confident and ready to take on the world! Outfit win!

As you all know on Wednesday I moved across the country from Toronto, Ontario to Vancouver, B.C. It has been so amazing being back in Vancouver and I am happy as a clam.. except for one thing. Air Canada LOST MY LUGGAGE. I have been holding on to a dwindling hope that my bag will be found, but as we are now at day 5 I have pretty much accepted that my bag was stolen. 

I am so overwhelmed by this that I don't even know where to begin. I had my ENTIRE WARDROBE in that bag. (It was an overweight 63 pound bag!) I did have a second bag which was not lost, but this only contained my winter coats, workout clothes and 2 pairs of p.j.'s. Has this ever happened to anyone else?  I would love to hear any advice you may have on dealing with airlines loosing your bags, or on good cheap places to shop to start replacing my clothes! Thanks everyone!

Stripes and Ruffles

 Shirt // Denim // Similar Heels: here & here // Similar Clutches: here & here

Happy Friday y'all!!

Stripes and ruffles. Can you get a better combo?! I am in LOVE with this shirt from goodnight macaroon. I wanted to dress it up so I decided to pair it with my favourite black skinnies and pops of red. It just screams nautical to me, which as a Delta Gamma (our symbol is the anchor) always makes me happy.

I am on cloud 9 over here, I can't believe I am back living in Vancouver. I love it here so, so much. Tomorrow is my best friend's birthday so I am very excited to be celebrating with her this weekend! I hope you guys have fun weekend plans ahead!
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