Blues and Boyfriend Jeans

Do you ever match your outfit to your mood? I am feeling kind of blue today so the only outfit choice for me was to rock some shades of blue and my new boyfriend jeans. Somehow just expressing my mood via my clothing makes me feel a bit better :)

I have been wary of the boyfriend jean trend; thinking it is *not* a flattering look on us girls with curves. Yet, glutton for punishment that I am, I continually try on boyfriend jeans whenever I came across them in stores... which has only served to confirm my "no curves allowed" theory. Luckily, that FINALLY changed when I came across these jeans. 

These jeans sit higher on the waist and are slightly fitted through the waist and butt - giving them more shape than the standard boyfriend jean. (A.K.A. ensuring that I don't look like I am wearing a shapeless box). I have always said that what you wear should NOT be dictated by your body shape or size, ( I vehemently HATE those magazine articles that claim to tell you what shapes of skirt or dress you can wear for your body), however, I do say you need to feel comfortable in whatever fashion trend you are wearing and, for me, boyfriend jeans just did not make me feel comfortable... until now! If you have felt the same way, I definitely recommend you try these jeans on.

Thank you all for reading! Let's hope these Monday blues I am feeling go away soon (... but the blue and boyfriend jean look is here to stay!)

Brown Leather and Bordeaux


This outfit just screams fall to me. The J.Crew Factory sweater is like living in a blanket all day long (so comfortable!) and I am a sucker for sweaters/dresses with pockets. I often pair this sweater with black leggings, but for today's post I really wanted to go "all-out-fall" so I went with a burgundy legging to match my burgundy nails. 

This is my last weekend in Ontario before moving to Vancouver! I'm excited but also starting to feel a bit sad and nostalgic. This will be me last weekend taking my goddaughters to dance class, and my last weekend hanging out with my Ontario friends and family. I am pretty excited though as I am going apple picking with some friends on Sunday. What a fun fall activity! Be sure to check out my instagram as I am sure I'll take photos of my outfit that day and the cute fall scenery!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have a great weekend ahead! Be sure to check back on Monday for my next outfit post!  

Wednesday Wants 3

Pumpkin Cozy 

1. Pumpkin Cozy: I fell in love with this cozy the second I saw it and had to order one. How awesome for fall!? Plus, I love the idea of keeping this in my purse so I don't need to get the starbucks sleeves - far more environmentally friendly! These cozies can only be ordered through the creator's instagram account. Definitely worth a follow... and follow ME while you are at it!

2. Nasty Gal Blanket Scarf: The fashion world went NUTS last fall over Zara's tartan blanket scarf... so much so that people were selling them on ebay for over $100.. 3x their original cost! That's just ridiculous! Zara did bring their blanket scarf back again this year but, of course, they sold out online in less than 3 days. I found this one over at Nasty Gal which is a similar tartan pattern in a giant blanket size. To be honest, I love this one more!
One of my fellow fashion bloggers, Tif at Bright on a Budget, told me about not one, but TWO different 'zara-eque' tartan (plaid) blanket scarves she found for UNDER $15!! While she cannot vouch for the quality (she hasn't received hers yet) I wanted to let all you readers know about these fantastic 'finds for less'.
First one here (I just ordered myself this one!) & Second one here
. Thank you so much Tif for sharing these! <3 Check out Tif's blog here.

3. ASOS Midi Skirt: I am loving all the dark hues of fall, but every once and a while I crave softer tones. This pale pink midi skirt is gorgeous and would look great paired with navy in the fall.

4. Goodnight Macaroon Dress: I love this navy chiffon dress for fall. It is the perfect lightweight material for early fall and would look great paired with riding boots and an infinity scarf.

5. But first, COFFEE (Decal): I am a coffee addict. The shirt you see is not for sale, rather, the iron-on decal is for sale through the designer's etsy shop. You will see that it links you just to the 'iron on black decal'... I have spoken with the designer who has said simply to leave the "But first, COFFEE" slogan in the information section so she knows what you want printed. I am excited to get this and iron it on my favourite cozy cotton tee!

6. Aldo Shoulder Bag: Can you tell I am really into navy at the moment!? I have always been a sucker for these affordable aldo bags with the attached scarf. I have had two of them over the past two years (different colours) and definitely want to add this one to my fall wardrobe. I realized the only fall purses I have are a black one and a cognac one, so I really need to amp up my purse selection!

Summer Skirts in Fall

Denim Jacket: Last season H&M. Similar here
Last season Banana Republic. Similar here
Skirt: 424 Fifth. Similar here, here & here
Flats: Tory Burch 
Two weeks ago I styled this bright skirt for a summer work look. Given this week's beautiful fall forecast, I wanted to show you how to transition a summer skirt into fall using of this gorgeous skirt. There are two keys to transitioning your summer skirt: layering & colours.

The key to make a summer look more fall appropriate is to add layers. Somehow wearing just one warmer layer (a long sleeve shirt for example) doesn't produce the same effect. A sleeveless top with a jacket overneath, add layer and depth in just the right way.

The second factor to keep in mind is colour. In the summer I pair this skirt with white or light blue. For fall, you want to reach for darker hues in complimentary colours. This dark blue denim jacket is just that. I also move to black instead of white as a base in the fall.

I hope you are all having a great, productive (and bright!) start to the work week.

Grey Leopard and Casual Days

Similar Tunics: here and here // Similar Cardigan // Leggings (the BEST leggings) // Flats

*Photo Cred to the fabulous Lydia. If you are in Southern Ontario check out LS Photography
It's Friday!! Woohoo! Friday always makes me want to be a bit more casual, so today's post fits just that- a casual every day look. I absolutely adore this PURE by Alfred Sung grey leopard print ball cap. I love hats, but never would have thought of styling a baseball cap in the fall/winter. This cap though is perfect for cooler weather. It's grey tones are a nice subdued take on the oh so popular leopard print, and it is actually a thicker wool-like material.

When I am looking for comfort, my go to is this pair of leggings from LuluLemon. They are so comfortable and, unlike many leggings, they pass the 'squat test' (ie. they aren't see through at all!) I cannot recommend these leggings enough! 

I am pretty excited for this weekend; tonight I am going for dinner at a new restaurant in Toronto with a friend, and tomorrow I am going to a stag-and-doe party. I am also planning on using this weekend to finally transition into fall - go buy some fall scented candles, and make some homemade apple cider! What are your favourite ways to get ready (fashion wise and otherwise) for fall!?

Wednesday Wants 2

Welcome to my second post in my weekly "Wednesday Wants" series. You can see my first post here.

Below are some details on these items that I am loving this week:

1. Zara Fur Vest: I have been looking everywhere for a fur vest for fall; not too dark, not too light and the natural looking material. This vest may just fit the bill! 

2. Assymetrical Tunic: In the colder weather I live for layering; so I love tunics that I can wear with leggings, a vest and boots. I love the asymmetrical detailing of this tunic! 
3. J.Crew Factory Cords: I have been craving a pair of cords for fall. These ones in a burgundy/wine colour are gorgeous!

4. Steve Madden Pumps: Leopard Print! <3

5. Gigi New York Satchel: Oh this is so outside my usual price range, but it is oh so beautiful. I love the colour, the gorgeous material and the added straps. 
6. Joe Fresh Rain Booties: I live in Vancouver.. rain boots are the most worn item in my wardrobe, so I figure it is only fair for us west coast girls to splurge and have a couple different pairs! I love booties for days when knee high rain boots just don't suit your outfit and the moto look to these Joe Fresh ones is such a cool look!

DIY: Glitter Soled Heels (and last minute sales!)

While I may love Christian Louboutin heels, my budget does not. So, inspired by Louboutin’s iconic red heel, I decided to take on a DIY. Given my absolute, never-ending, undying love for gold glitter I decided to DIY the sole of a pair of black pumps to be covered in gold glitter. The project was actually really easy, and the result is fantastic so I just had to share this DIY with you all!

Everything I needed for this project I got at Michael’s, so your local craft store should have everything you need. The entire project took just under an hour (plus two days of shoe drying time)

For this project, you will need the following items:

-       your chosen heels

-       Martha Stewart Gold Glitter

-       Martha Stewart Glossy Finish Mod Podge
 - painters tape

-       a sponge brush

-       an area covered in newspaper that you can glitter on!
Step One:
Cover your heels (and I mean COVER) in painter’s tape. This will protect your shoes from all the stray glitter. Glitter has a way of finding its way onto and into EVERYTHING. (You’ll notice I did not fully cover one of my heels and I regretted it for the whollllle 20 minutes I spent getting the glitter off them afterwards!)

Step Two:
Using your sponge brush, cover the sole of your shoe (don’t forget the inner edge of the heel part) with the mod podge. (see below)

  Step Three:
Shake glitter to cover the entire mod podged area. Tip: Do this over newspaper so you can fold up the newspaper with the leftover glitter and pour it back into your tub of glitter for later use. (see below)

Step Four:
Using your sponge brush, cover the entire glittered area with mod podge again (see below)

Step Five:
Repeat steps three and four. Adding a second layer of glitter will ensure even coverage, filling any of the ‘holes’ that applying the mod podge may have created. Adding a second and final layer of mod podge will seal in the glitter and leave a shiny finish. Tip: Be sure to use GLOSSY finish as I recommended, you do not get the same results with a matte finish mod podge – it leaves the glitter looking dull.

Step Six:
Leave your heels to dry for at 48 hours. Then, carefully remove all the painters tape.

And Voila!! You are now the proud owner of some kick ass glitter soled heels!!

If you try this out I would LOVE to know! Tag me in the Instagram of your finished product and tag me @legalleeblonde

ALSO: There are some awesome sales on right now at some of my favourite places to shop. You can get some amazing deals. … and how good would the glitter heels look with this dress?! *swoon* HAPPY SHOPPING!! 

30% off!!
Banana Republic: Extra 50% off sale items!

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Illusion Dresses



      Similar Dresses: here, here & here // Similar Shoes // Similar Clutch

Good morning everyone! Today I thought I would share my absolute FAVOURITE office look; this gorgeous 'illusion dress' by Beige by ECI. Illusion dresses, a relatively new fashion term, refer to dresses that are colour-blocked a certain way so as to give the illusion of a slimmer line. I love this particular illusion dress because of the curve of the white, giving a slimmer but still curvy look. 

For work, I often wear illusion dress and my go-to hairstyle is what you see here- my curls pinned up in a messy side bun. I also love neutral makeup with a bold red lip!

I am not working today, so I am currently wearing comfy clothes to go run errands all day, but this outfit is (almost) making wish I was back in the office! haha. Hopefully it helps you feel the same on this Monday morning!

Y'ellow There!


Similar Skirts: here & here // Shirt // Necklace // Similar Shoes: here & here

Photo Credit for these photos to my extremely talented friend Lydia! If you need a photographer in Ontario definitely check her out! LS Photography
 Y’ellow There!

That title is super cheesy (… even for me!). I ADORE this bright yellow skirt though and had to incorporate that happiness into the title!

When I’m not in court (a.k.a. the land of black pant suits) I try to have a bit more fun with my work outfits by adding in colour. If I could give one style tip to young professionals it would be to not be afraid of colour! Stick to quality fabrics and more conservative cuts, but then add in the  colours that you love! 

When I found this yellow skirt I knew it would be perfect for a summer work look. It’s fabric and cut keep it professional looking, and the colour puts a smile on my face throughout the day. Paired with a simple pinstripe dress shirt and neutral shoes the skirt doesn’t compete with other items for focus and becomes work place appropriate.

I hope you all have a lovely (and bright!!) work day today. Almost the weekend y’all!

Wednesday Wants #1

Good morning everyone! Welcome to the first post in my weekly series "Wednesday wants". Every Wednesday, in lieu of an outfit post, I will be posting a couple of items that I have my eye on right now along with their prices and where to find them. 

1. Banana Republic Skirt: pleather skirts have been in for a while now, but I love this one as it adds texture and structure; perfect for fall! Must have!

2. Michael Kors Watch:  as an avid traveler I cannot get over this watch! 

3. H&M Tee: the perfect 'layering' purchase for fall. great over leggings or skinny jeans. 

4. Anthropologie Booties: mixed media items get me EVERY TIME. I love the shiny back to these boots, and I also have been looking for a boot outside my usual black or cognac.
5. Unsold Studio Graphic Tee: No words needed. All around Canadian tee = awesome.

6. Goodnight Macaroon Cardigan: Love the leather detailing on the sleeves and the exposed zippers. I am ordering this one ASAP! 

Added Summer



Shirt // Skirt // Similar Shoes // Similar Necklaces: here, here and, here

Ahhh here we go everyone! Welcome to my first blog post, thank you so much for reading! For today’s post, I am celebrating this glorious bit of added summer weather we've been having here in Ontario by spending as much time as I can in this J.Crew Factory kelly green skirt. 

I travelled a lot this summer- spending time in Northern B.C. before heading off to Southern Europe – and I practically lived in this skirt! It travels well (read: no need to iron) and it exudes an effortlessly polished look. Great news? J.Crew has released this skirt in a bunch of other colours (here and here). I cannot wait to get my hands on more of them.

P.S. Here is a pic from this summer of me wearing this skirt outside the Parthenon in Athens, Greece!

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