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Top Jewelry Trends for 2017

If you've been following me for a while, you know that I am a die hard jewelry lover. Working in a corporate environment and having limitations on ones style & self-expression when it comes to fashion can be tough. I love that jewelry can be used to take an outfit (in my case a boring black suit haha) and make it more stylish. 

Now that 2017 is well upon us, I wanted to round up the top 5 trends for jewelry for this year. Let's get to it! 

1. Geometric Jewelry

One trend that is popular across all jewelry pieces this year (rings, necklaces, earrings) is geometric shapes. The runways were filled with designers from Stella McCartney to Kate Spade showcasing geometric items. Below are some of my current favorites.

2. Victorian Inspired

The victorian era inspired so many designers collections at fashion week this year, and jewelry is no exception to the victorian-themed obsession. Think lace, filigree design & pearls. Below are my favorites.

3. Matching Bracelets

I personally found this to be the most unexpected trend of in jewelry this year; and I love it. The trend, in case the title isn't clear, is essentially wearing two of the same bracelet- one on each wrist. We've seen this trend in years past with large cuff bracelets, but this year it's popular not only in cuffs but in dainty bracelets as well. Below are my favorites that would like great worn as a 'set'.

4. Functional Jewelry

It's no surprise that in our busy, multi-tasking culture that women are turning to jewelry that does more than just sit and look pretty. The most interesting jewelry trend of 2017, in my opinion, is the emergence of 'functional' jewelry. For example, Maria Shireen has beautiful looking bracelets that are actually hair elastic holders. This way you can have a hair tie on your wrist without it digging into you, and while adding a piece of beautiful jewelry. Other functional jewelry that is popular this year are watches (they are making a comeback!) & fitbit bracelets.

5. 80's Earrings

Fashion cycles through decades all the time. I have loved a lot of the 90s fashion that has been back on trend this year. For 2017 though, we're bringing it back another decade - at least as far as earrings are concerned. The trend in earrings this year is full on 80s - bright colors, big hoops & clip-ons will all be popular. Shop some great 80s style earrings below. 

What's your Favorite 2017 Jewelry Trend?! 
Ps. Check out last year's post on the top jewelry trends here. Are you still loving some of these trends? What will you be continuing to wear into 2016? I, for one, cannot let go of brooches. I will definitely still be wearing them on my blazers and jackets this year!

Leopard Print, Stripes & a Bow (the style trifecta)

Pants c/o // Similar Top // Similar Heels // Handbag // Nail Polish

You guys. I have three words for you: custom. made. pants. These pants are custom fit by EShakti (you can check them out on facebook, twitter & pinterest). I have ordered items from EShakti in the past (see this post) but so far, I have only ordered dresses. I didn't know until recently that they also offer custom fit pants. 

I knew I wanted these pants the moment I saw them because of the bow tie waist. I love that I was able to give my exact measurements because these fit like a glove and are now on my list of most comfortable pants (score!). 

When deciding what I wanted to wear with these to showcase the bow, I knew I needed a tight fitting top. Since you can never go wrong with stripes, I went for this longsleeve striped top. I added in leopard print heels to get my personal fashion trifecta - leopard print, stripes & bows. This outfit is officially one of my favorite casual work day outfits.

Do you have a "fashion trifecta"?! What is it? My 'close second' would be plaid, camel & glitter. 

ps. If you haven't yet, I would LOVE if you could take 2 minutes to fill out this survey to let me know what YOU want to see more/less of on LegalLee Blonde this year. Thank you!! 

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Wednesday Wants

Stripe Peplum Tee // Side Split Ankle Boots // Cuffed Distressed Skinny Jeans // XO Necklace // "Champagne is Always a Good Idea" Phone Case

Happy Wednesday everyone! It may still be January, but I am already getting into spring colors, textures and prints. I *love* this geometric dress. It is perfect for the winter (wear it with a cute navy wool coat) but also great for the spring, paired with peach accents. The peach stone ring is my new 'must-have' ring. I also love the geometric floral earrings - they would be great for any work look, but I think they pair especially well with the geometric dress.

For this week's weekend outfit, I am so craving stripes. This peplum striped top is (according to the reviews) so soft, and I just think it would be perfect for weekend brunch, running earrands, even just relaxing at home. I've been looking for a new delicate necklace and I think I have found the winner with this XO one. Too cute. These two classic pieces paired with distressed skinny jeans and the cutest ankle boots make for a perfect relaxed outfit.

In other news, I am currently planning a mini-vacation (woohoo!) Maybe that is why I am already thinking about spring fashion? Anyway, I'm going away with my best friend for a long weekend in March and cannot wait to get some sun and relaxation!! I'll be sharing more details on the blog in the next couple of weeks! Hope you all have a great day ahead of you!


How to Style Velvet for the Office

Blazer c/o // Pants c/o // Shoes // Necklace // Similar Chanel Bag -- Similar Style Bag (under $20) // Similar Earrings // Nail Polish

I got a reader question on Facebook a while back asking how to style the popular velvet trend in a way that is work appropriate. I loved this question (thanks reader!) because I think that most trends can be made work appropriate. Velvet, is no exception. 

When styling velvet for the office, or anytime where you don't want the 'romantic' vibe often associated with it, stick to one velvet item, and make that the focal point of your outfit. This velvet blazer is a new favorite item of mine. I love how easy it is to throw on top of a classic work look and really make the whole outfit feel on trend.

In terms of other tips for wearing velvet to work:
1. Stick with deeper shades. Wine, navy and emerald are perfect colors that keep the item business casual appropriate.
2. Pick an item that would, in any other material, be a 'classic' work piece. Ie. a blazer or a pair of pumps. Leave the velvet tank tops for your dinner dates!

Below are some of my favorite velvet items for work that are currently available. Happy shopping!

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Winter Blues... errr, Brights

 Similar Dresses: (1), (2), (3) // Handbag c/o - can be purchased here // Shoes // Bracelets // 24 hour Lipstick
(in "Always Blazing" the BEST shade of red)

Can we all just agree that wrap dresses are the star of the work wear world? A good wrap dress is comfortable (huge win) but looks completely professional. I have a couple of black wrap dresses and I love them. This wrap dress though, this crazy-bright-bold-wrap-dress, is actually my mom's! Whenever I visit my parents place now, one of the first things I do is raid my mom's closet, haha. I certainly never thought I would be sharing clothes with her... a fact she *loves* to remind me of haha ... but since becoming a young professional her closet has become one of my favorite "shops". 

When I saw this wrap dress in her closet, I was instantly drawn to the bright colors. After a few weeks of dreary winter weather it can be easy to fall into the black and grey work wear slump. For that reason, I try to incorporate bright colors into my winter office wear as much as I can. This bright dress was the perfect piece!

The reds, purples, and pinks in the wrap dress complimented my royal blue purse so well, that I knew I had to style them together. I love the combination of this many colors in one outfit. I added my favorite bracelets to this look because they are seriously the best 'wear with everything' bracelets.

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